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Jul 14, 2006 12:24 AM

President restaurant

I had seen this place for many months on Marcel-Laurin just south of Gouin and it always seemed packed with Asians, especially on Saturday nights (I think wedding receptions were being hosted there). My husband and I finally checked it out tonight and I must say it is very impressive. We ordered hot & sour soup (tangy with mild heat), crispy imperial rolls, lobster stir-fried with onions and peppers ($8.50 for one lobster), general tao chicken (all white meat chicken) and cantonese noodles with vegetables. Everything was delicious and of good quality. We will definitely be going back for lobster...great bargain!They also do dim sum. I will try that also; I have been having a craving for ages but hate to go to Chinatown on weekends because it is so crowded and parking is difficult.
Has anybody else been and what did you think of it?

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  1. Yes this resto is quite good and I enjoyed this more than Kam Fung on Timmons and MK Wong on Decarie. Very good cantonese cuisine and service is excellent!

    1. The dim sum is really good at that restaurant, and egg-tarts are a must-try. However, more people are opting for President because of their parking facilities so make sure to arrive early (eleven is usually a good time).

      Actually, I heard there was a special on lobsters during the weekdays (Mon-Thur), that's worth a try. Is this true?

      1. We drive all the way to this restaurant from our Lachine office for lunch once in a while for great shrimp dumplings and other delicious Dim Sum stuff. It is a very good place.

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