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Jul 14, 2006 12:22 AM

Lunch in Pasadena

Looking for lunch recs for a Sunday afternoon in Pasadena to meet up with friends and catch up. Preferablly something with healthy options, midrange price. I recall a place in pasadena with great salads but zucchini bread...what was its name? I know of Saladang, Parkway Grill, and the chains in the area, but what else is there?Thanks

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  1. Green Street is the salad place with zucchini bread. good stuff, moderately priced, but I'd make a reservation ASAP.

    For healthy Mexican, I like Dona Rosa's on Arroyo Parkway. It's counter-service, but fresh and tasty, with a nice patio if you're in the mood to camp out.

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        yes! on Sunday afternoon, Green Street gets crowded. Expect a 15-20 minute wait without a reservation. Come to think of it, I don't think they take reservations unless it's a party of 5 or more. Regardless, Green Street would be a great choice.

        If you want more of a European type, casual feel and want to be in Old Town, try Le Pain Quotidien (between Kenneth Cole and Kabuki). It's been open about a month. Everything is really fresh, healthy salads, sandwich options (the chicken curry salad sandwich is my fav), breakfast available til 2pm on Sunday... and amazing looking desserts! I also like the mediterranean platter (tabouli, babaganoush, and hummus - but what's really great is you get a sampling of all the different types of bread!) If it's not already on your table when you sit down, make sure to ask them for the jams and prailene spread. It's a casual place, so if you are looking for a "restaurant" feel, I'd go somewhere else (although, they do have servers and they take your order at the table).

        I'd typically second the Cafe Santorini rec, but since it's really hot, the outdoor patio is borderline unbearable, which only leaves the dining room. I went there a couple weeks ago on a Sunday and all the tables were cramped together really tight (we are talking MAYBE 6 inches between the 2 seat tables) they had a few 4 seat tables open, but would not let us (2) sit there -- so, we left and had a fantastic lunch at Le Pain Quotidien.

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          I didn't know Le Pain Quotidien was now open. Cool. Gonna check it out.

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            After the main meal (ooh, the specials are a good choice) - do not miss the desserts. They have a very light, fluffy madeleine cake right now, and a delicious delicious pear tart, and fruit and almond cake/bread slice. They also offer this huge chocolate chip cookie for $3.

            I recently tasted one of their dark chocolate bars. I don't recommend that. :) Everything else is good though!

    1. I like the Crocodile Cafe for lunch. It's on Lake. Another option is Cafe Santorini in old town.

        1. Marston's ( ) have generous portions and pretty good food. There's also Julienne's in San Marino ( ) I also believe Crepe Vine Bistro has a brunch going on Sundays too (for that, reservations are highly recommended


          and yes the zucchini bread place is Green Street Cafe.

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            Julienne w/b perfect, unfortunately it is closed on Sundays.

            I used to LOVE our Crocidile Cafe here in Brea--went 1x/week. It is a chain (or was...) but their food was great IMO. The one on Lake might be worth a try.

            We went to Love Birds on Colorado last week (for pastries). They have pastries/sandwiches/salads; very casual, but looks nice. Also, what about Europane...

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              Europane has pretty good sweets (and from the Chow boards their savories aren't bad either) -- I think it's even more casual than Love Birds.

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              I second Marston's (your link is missing the "s"). The California Orange salad is one of my favorite salads of all time, and the restaurant itself is a very nice setting for catching up with friends.

            3. You can't got wrong with Green Street or Crocodile Cafe.
              The Dianne Salad with zucchini bread is delicious. Both located across the alley from one another.
              I know some people LOVE Marston's but I personally have never been that impressed with their food. Their known primarly for their breakfast and even that is just ok (to me). I'd much rather go to Julinne's for breakfast or lunch. Too bad they're closed on Sundays.

              If you don't mind driving 10 minutes north west, La Cabanita in Montrose has great Mexican food. It's definetly mid range priced but it's not exactly light healthy eating.