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Wedding Cake

I'm looking for a wedding cake that looks great, and tastes great too. So far:

Hansen's: Tried it, thought it tasted terrible and the designs were very old-fashioned (think 70's & 80's) looking

Rosebud: Lots of pretty designs, and the cake was "good", but not amazing IMO

SLJ: They do not deliver, so it's not an option

I'm looking for any opinions you might have on:

Pastries by Edie
Cake Divas
Jamaica's Cakes
Cake Collection

...or any place else you think I'm missing out on if I don't try.


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  1. Perfectly Sweet
    126 W. Main Street
    Alhambra, CA


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        cakery bakery in la canada (cakerybakery.net)
        i've had bday cakes from there - yum!

      2. our wedding cake was made by fantasy frostings. granted, that was in 2001, but it was excellent at the time and they've been in business for 35 years. from the site, it looks like they've received some press since then. i liked the owner immediately - she had a creative eye and told great stories. also, it's a woman-owned family business (think all the kids and grandkids making cakes), which i loved. we had new orleans spice ("a soft, lightly textured cake generously flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves with a gentle splash of brandy before baking. a soft cream mousse is the favored filling.") and it was incredible. she interpreted the design we wanted flawlessly, delivered without any problems and was - by far - the easiest vendor we worked with. (and we also tried hansen's and were not impressed.)

        fantasy frostings
        10050 mills avenue
        whittier 90604

        1. I've heard good things about Layers -- in Sherman Oaks. This was a couple of years ago, not sure if they're still open, but I've heard they're good on taste and presentation.

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            We used Layers for our wedding and groom's cakes in April. INCREDIBLE! Taste, presentation, everything was exquisite. They book up pretty far in advance and the cost is pretty steep, but completely worth it.

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              We got our wedding cake from Layers, and couldnt have been happier. Our guests were asking for 2nds! Janelle @ Layers took the time with us to help select the cake we wanted. The tasting was great and personal, and she came through on everything from the delivery, presentation, and great quality. I highly recommend Layers!

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                Not to be a debbie downer, but Layers cost about $7.00 per person. I believe that is the starting price. I called and was disappoint because that out of my price range.

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                I heard from an events person that Layers just expanded, so whereas before she always slightly hesitated recommending them, now she's wholeheartedly recommending them to brides. Good news for all!

              3. Susina has amazing tasting cakes. Their design is casual, not fussy. The berry blossom is very popular, but the best to me is the Italian Wedding cake - the Saint Honore.

                1. Me and my wife had ours done at Topozio's on La Cienega, and it was *way* beyond expectations. Unfortunately, they have closed without telling anyone. Does anyone know what happened?

                  Sweet Lady Jane is a pretty good alternative. I went to a wedding that had cake from there. Not as fancy looking as something Topozio's would have done, but pretty tasty.

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                    From what I understand, Sweet Lady Jane does not deliver...so that's not an option for us.

                    Has anyone tried Jamaica's Cakes or any of the others on my list?


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                      We had our wedding cake from Sweet Lady Jane and they DID deliver to the Biltmore in downtown L.A. it might have been $50 delivery and set up, but there was no problem with delivery! You might want to clarify that one.

                      We had the triple berry shortcake for our wedding and everyone thought it was to die for. Their "Princess" cake is delish as well, but skip the fondant icing :) But, no, they definitely deliver! :)

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                      We had Topozio's create our cake as well and it was spectacular and surprisingly, it was reasonably priced. It's unfortunate it closed so suddenly.

                      We checked our Cake Divas and they were second on our list after Topozio's.

                    3. I think Leda's (http://www.ledasbakeshop.com ) is making some of the best tasting, most nicely decorated stuff in town right now. Don't know about cost or delivery, but if I were buying a wedding cake, she would definitely be on my list of places to try. Plus, you can go in and sample her cupcakes, which should be a pretty good way to see if you like the various flavors she does. My favorites are the carrot cake with mascarpone and blood orange cream, the passion fruit, and all of her citrus flavors.

                      1. Hi,
                        Also planning a fall wedding...
                        Try Phoenix Bakery in chinatown. Reasonably priced and they deliver. Lots of different flavors.
                        Also look at Cake and Art in West Hollywood. They only have three flavors (cakeandart.com) but the designer, Tom, is awesome and really committed to providing something unique.

                        1. You might check out Helena Wirth Cakes, on Burbank Blvd. in Van Nuys (or Sherman Oaks, not sure which).

                          Porto's has wonderful cake, but I'm not sure I'd have them do a whole wedding cake. Unless they put that addictive guava paste in it.

                          1. Porto's has the most amazing cake i have ever had in my life! I dont even really care for cake and frosting, and sweets in general, but i would seriously make the drive from Manhattan Beach all the way to Glendale for one of their out of this world cakes. Their chocolate is amazing!

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                              i agree... i just had portos over the weekend from both their glendale AND their burbank location... i'm not sure if i had their wedding cakes, but their dessert/pastries are awesome. i specifically did not go into the burbank one and waited for everyone to com eout because i knew i wouldn't be able to hold back. but i found that overall, the desserts were not TOO sweet and was a good balance... congrats on your nuptials btw =)

                            2. Thanks for the help. We went to Porto's, and agree that the cake is delicious. However, the designs weren't quite what we were looking for.

                              We ended up buying at Rosebud...gorgeous design, and pretty good tasting cake to boot. Plus, they are having a special on wedding cakes this month, so it was actually quite a bit less expensive than Porto's.

                              1. We got ours from "Takes the Cake" in Pasadena - http://www.takesthecakepasadena.com/i...

                                Oops, I didn't realize that this was aon old thread - sorry!

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                                  I've gotten two cakes from Takes the Cake in Pasadena recently, and I couldn't recommend them more. Great designs and execution, not to mention really good cake and filling underneath all that beauty!

                                2. we used cake collection. i tasted all the places mentioned and cake collection by far had the best tasting cake. the will do any design you are looking for and the prices are beyond reasonable. not only do they deliver, they went out of their way delivering our cake on a sunday evening at exactly 7pm because the hotel wouldn't take the cake before that.

                                  1. If you go to the Porto's website and think you'll be happy with the decorations (very plain, a little dated in my opinion), then try some Chinese bakeries. Not all of them deliver, but I'm sure if you post again someone will know a Chinese bakery that does.

                                    The reason I suggest it is this: price. A Chinese cake for 100 people is $165. I asked at a bakery in the 99 Ranch near Atlantic this weekend and was shocked at the price. Bakeries on the Westside charge anywhere from $450 up to $800 for a simple buttercream cake, more if you want elaborate fillings or fondant.

                                    You've probably had a Chinese cake before, but it's always a fluffy sponge cake with whipped cream and fruit (fresh strawberries or fruit cocktail are common). The frosting is whipped cream, and decorations tend toward cheesy (piped roses, basketweave pipping around whole cake) but what I would do is get it plain and either bring ribbon for them to wrap around each tier for a clean, modern look, and/or bring them some fresh flowers to use. If you did that, it would look like a $500 cake.

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                                      One thing to note is that 99 Ranch cakes always seem to be a little skimpy on the Fruit, meanwhile my Birthday Cake from Pheonix this year was LOADED with strawberries... YUM! :D


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                                        Sorry, I meant to say the bakery in the 99 Ranch plaza. It's next door to the place that sells whole ducks and chicken (new capital bbq?) 99 Ranch cakes are kind of skimpy. I don't know about this bakery since I just asked about pricing. Phoenix is always a good bet.

                                    2. I've had Cake Crumbs cake in Encino. They do both cute and elegant designs. I don't usually eat plain white cake, but I was amazed by theirs - cake was moist and the icing wasn't too sweet, in my opinion - http://www.cakecrumbs.com

                                      I think Dots Cupcakes in Pasadena do cupcake-wedding tiers. Very convenient! Their apple pie cupcake is delicious - http://www.dotscupcakes.com

                                      Also, I hear that Chunkomunko cheesecakes in Los Angeles cater their mini-cheesecakes for weddings. But check to make sure - http://www.chunkomunko.com. Their cuppuchunkoccino (cappuccino) and pina colada cheesecakes are just some of my favorites.

                                      1. I saw Cake Divas the other day on the Food Network. They looked amazing and they can do anything.

                                        Only thing that would hold me back are the prices.

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                                          I am getting my cake at portos. their website scared me a bit b/c their cake designs looked dated but once you go there and meet with them they have books w/ all their dated looking cakes but they also have plenty of other designs. I am getting a very simple modern 3 tiered cuban cake.

                                          I went to several tastings (cakery bakery, perfectly sweet, etc) and even though i'm not allergic to dairy most of the cakes except fantasy frostings made me sick b/c of the thick buttercream. I'm going w/ portos b/c of price and their cak eis light and easy on the dairy. The cake is about $360 for 80 people. Fantasy is a bit more expensive.

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                                            My husband and I also picked Porto's for our wedding cake. You couldn't beat the price and we got both a chocolate cake and a sponge cake with strawberries. (chocolate was three tiers and on display, and the sponge cake was just a sheet cake in the back) Both were excellent! I even had a pattern on my dress that they were able to match on the cake.

                                        2. Torrance Bakery. We had our wedding cake made there and have absolutely no regrets. We had a simple yellow cake with buttercream but the fillings were to die for: mango mousse, fresh strawberries and cream and amaretto. I'd get married everyday if only to have wedding cake!


                                          Enjoy :)

                                          1. Thanks for all of the recent replies...but my wedding was last October! :-)

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                                              so what cake did you end up getting?

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                                                A gorgeous, delicious cake from Rosebud. I also had them make a Fenway Park groom's cake, and it was amazing.