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Jul 13, 2006 10:32 PM

Red Hook dining? [moved from Manhattan]

Wondering about overall opinions of Red Hook spots. I've heard that Alma is good for creative Mexican, but there is a place called 360, looked beautiful and the menu sounded especially nice. Also, a small taco shop called El Huipil got a mention in a recent TimeOut article. Opinions on those and any others?

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  1. Bistro 360 is fantastic. I have eaten there 7x and am without complaint, which is a big statement from this chowhound. Save a couple small service issues, the food was for the most part immaculate, both in preparation and execution. Wonderful seasonal menu. I did hear that the chef left recently, and I have not been since this happened. I hope they continue to put on the same act. It is a good one. Lido Bar is a cool place to hang out. Fun crowd, great drinks.

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      I've eaten at 360 three times since one of the chefs left. Just as good as ever.

    2. Avoid Pioneer BBQ -- Great drinking location, but not for eating

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        Agreed, on both counts. Not only is the beer pretty inexpensive to begin with, but during happy hour it's 2-for-1. Plus HH runs all afternoon Saturday and Sunday in addition to the regular weekday early evening hours.

      2. Welcome to the hood.

        360 is great, definitely try it out. Last time there I had a spectacular warm tongue salad which really blew me away.

        Couple of other suggestions for you:
        - Red Hook Ballfields: Every weekend until the fall, a multitude of Latin food stands set up over on Bay street over by the Red Hook Recreational Area (Ballfields).

        - Defonte Sandwich Shop on Columbia. Nice old school Italian subs. Hot choices are generally better than cold.

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          Add in:
          The Good Fork -- new American with Korean influence. A true mom&pop with wife in the kitchen and husband FOH and designer.
          Hope&Anchor -- the mainstay diner in the area
          Tini -- brand new wine bar with small plate accompaniments
          and you mention El Huipil -- cheap filling pretty authentic Mexican (mole is their specialty)

          Also of note:
          Baked -- comfort bakery, with cakes & cookies
          Steve's Key Lime Pie -- their 'factory' is based off the pier on Coffey
          LaNell's -- best bourbon purveyor in the whole city
          Liberty Heights Tap Room -- don't go to eat, go to drink (beer)

        2. Yeah, go to LaNell's for the bourbon and across the street to Good Fork for chow...

          1. The cafe at Fairway Market has an outdoor dining are with an amazing view. You can take out anything from the market--the panini is good--and sit outside. It's lovely.