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Jul 13, 2006 10:31 PM

Italian Bread in Ottawa

Who makes the best Italian bread in Ottawa?

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  1. La Bottega in the market carries decent ciabatta.

    1. Le Moulin de Provence in the market makes excellent ciabatta and calabrese

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      1. re: woodb

        Thank you both for your replies. Aren't these two types of bread more specialties than traditional Italian? I was looking for the latter.

      2. For traditional Italian bread, we usually go to Di Rienzo. But you can get good imitations from Ace Bakery at Loblaws.

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        1. if you are looking for foccacia, head to Luciano's on Preston, at the "house of pasta" or Cafe Zucchero on Queen...excellent panini's


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            Try Farmer's Pick at Prince of Wales and Meadowlands in the Rideauview Mall. They have a separate bakery in the store - almost completely breads.