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Good Chinese in San Carlos or Redwood City?

I just recently moved to San Carlos. Even though I'm a Bay Area Chinese American native, I can't find a good Chinese restaurant in San Carlos. There are like 6 chinese places in the area but they always look empty and dirty to me. I know there are great places in Millbrae (Shanghai Dumpling House, Hong Kong Flower Lounge), Foster City (ie ABC Seafood or Joy), San Mateo (ie Happy Cafe) and Cupertino (Ranch 99 complex). But are there any in San Carlos or Redwood City?


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  1. Lucky Buddha in San Carlos (El Camino and near x street probably Brittan) for very good Cantonese and Macau style Cantonese (chef is from Macau) and there are some decent Northern Chinese style dishes as well.

    1. How about Belmont? I haven't tried China Village in Belmont yet myself, but here's a link to a recent discussion.


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        I live in Belmont and have tried many Chinese restaurants around Belmont and San Carlos mostly for take-out. So far, China Village is probably the most authentic Chinese restaurant in the area. All the other places we tried have almost every dish made with "brown sauce." China Village makes a great red braised tofu made from fresh, soft (silken-like) tofu, whereas most places make it with the firm and oftentimes not so fresh tofu. They also make a good soy sauce noodle with yellow chives, a dish you won't find in the other surrounding Chinese restaurants. Was told they have a Chinese menu at the restaurant that have many dishes not listed on the regular take-out menu. They serve dim sum day and night (pricier at night), and my husband tells me it's pretty good.

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          Now you know how to order! Those are two "simple" dishes where the texture and getting the seasoning into the right balance is absolutely critical. Thanks for the recs --- good to see you here.

      2. Thanks for such a quick response. The leads look promising. I just saw the menu for China Village and that definitely looks authentic and nicer than the others in the area.

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          Please be sure to let know what you think about these places. There is a bit of a "hole" in Chinese dining in the immediate area and we need to keep these places on the chow-dar.

          Here's KK's previous post on Lucky Buddha. There's more if you search.

          China Village website -

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              I like to know why you say that. We have not been for a couple of years. But they have some signature dishes that were excellent.

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              I tried China Village recently with my boyfriend. He doesn't want to go back there. It was authentic Chinese food, but the ambiance was like a 1970s motel with torn up seats. The food wasn't outstanding like those in Millbrae or Cupertino. Sigh!

              Actually we find ourselves heading to downtown San Mateo for some great Chinese and overall Asian food. I like Joy Luck Place in San Mateo and there are tons of great Japanese restaurants--most recently we tried Joy Restaurant for sushi and found this area to have better quality and prices than San Carlos/Belmont.

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                Yes, I'd agree with you on China Village. We had lunch there a few months ago.

                San Mateo does have a bounty of Chinese and Japanese restaurants. Friday we were in Belmont, drove up to San Mateo for dinner, then doubled back south for the drive home. Worth the distance though and not that bad on El Camino even on Friday night.

          1. i would agree about lucky buddha not being good, nor is amazing wok just an fyi....I will keep checking back though since I also have been on the mission for good local chinese.

            1. Does Hunan Homes still have a San Carlos branch? Their SF Chinatown branch has a hit-and-miss menu with some good offerings if you get beyond the American-Chinese Golden Oldies on it.

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                The Human Homes has a branch in Palo Alto, but I have never seen a branch in San Carlos. We have lived in the area for over twenty five years. We would have been there a lot since we like that style of food.

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                  My mistake. Actually it's Los Altos, according to the HH website.


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                    You are right it is in Los Altos my bad, it is one block of the corner where Mountain View, Palo Alto and Los Altos come together. Never remember which city anything is just remember if the food is good and how to get thee

              2. I have been in San Carlos for 7 years and I go to Millbrae for good Chinese food. None of the dinners I've had at Lucky B or Village have been memorable. Silver House in San Mateo actually has some dishes I crave, 3 different types of eggs and tofu steamed, red braised tofu, and their fresh seafood from the Chinese specials menu. But even that's been a while since I've been.

                1. I agree that Chinese in the RWC / San Carlos area is hard to find - I thought that Lucky Buddha was okay for Cantonese food - they deliver too.

                  I live in RWC and am always looking for good Chinese food - Another one that I have eaten and gotten takeout is Yat Sing Restaurant at the Woodside Plaza - they had a pretty good fish with black bean sauce dish.

                  Redwood Shores has Yeah! restaurant too - I've eaten there once with some friends, and even though they are Chinese owners, they seem to cater to more Caucasian tastes, altough it has been awhile since I've been there.

                  If I really have a craving, I usually go to Silver House in San Mateo for their steamed pork pancake and other comfort food.

                  1. Thanks so much chowhound! I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this area needs a good chinese restaurant...this would make a great opportunity for someone in the area!

                    1. There is a chinese restaurant (Sichuan Delight?) at the Target mall in Redwood City near 84. I can't remember what i ate but it's probably decent.

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                        yes i would like to know if this place is any good, i might have to try it tonight for dinner.

                      2. There is a brand new restaurant opened in Belmont, today was first day.... Blue Sky Cafe
                        1625 El Camino Real #9, Belmont Ca 94002 650-595-0228. Hong Kong Style food, pearl
                        drinks, milk tea and early afternoon specials, late night dinner specials, porridge. I ate there
                        today, seems pretty good, close to Millbrae Bristo style and Topps Cafe Style.

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                          Thanks, what did you order? That address and phone number used to be Szechwan Court, noticed it last week while passing by and meant to investigate further some day.

                        2. beef stew wonton, sticky rice, scramble egg and shrimp chow fun... nothing to scream about, but not bad for cafe style. open late till 11pm

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                            Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully they are open in the mornings. I will drop by and check it out. Hopefully they have good HK style milk tea and the western part of the menu; baked rice/noodle dishes as well as borscht soup or a killer cream of chicken, mushroom, and/or corn soups. Top Cafe = yuck but Millbrae cafes = good standard. I'd be happy if they're as good as the East Bay duo (Cousin and Venus).

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                              went back again at lunch, 12:10ish, line out the door, drinks are good, hong kong milk tea excellent, rice plates - spicy chicken and beef stew were good, little sweet, but good flavor - real beef stew with tendon and chewy skin pieces <hong kong style>
                              small staff, running as fast as they can... friendly. Open 11am to 11pm says sign, cash only at moment.