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Jul 13, 2006 10:14 PM

xiao long bao DFW?

Does anyone know where i can find some really good xiao long bao (soup dumplings) in DFW, besides at Shanghai Restaurant. I had these at Joe's in chinatown in NY and loved them. I've searched to find Shanghai cuisine here in DFW, but only came up with Shanghai Restaurant, which i tried and didn't totally love. If anyone knows of a restaurant here that serves excellent soup dumplings, please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. I had them at Jeng Chi (400 N. Greenville Ave. , Richardson) once. I didn't like them as much as the ones at Shanghai (thought the broth was kind of flavorless) but your opinion may differ. Other than xiaolongbao, Jeng Chi serves up great dumplings (jao zi, in broth or pan fried). I take this as an indication that the owners are from the northern part of China, where xiaolongbao is not common.

    Also, I've never been here, but the online Chinese menu of Mandarin in Plano ( ) appears to offer xiao long bao, perhaps you can try and report back?

    I've never been to Joe's Shanghai in NYC (I know, I know), was talked into New Green Bo instead when I was visiting 2 years ago. I can't speak for Joe's, but New Green Bo's xiaolongbao were much larger than the ones traditionally served in Shanghai, which makes it lose that "eat in one bite" novelty. I think Shanghai Restaurant here does a fairly good version, may I ask why you didn't like it?

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      After all this discussion I went to Shanghai restaurant yesterday. My wife and I feel that there is an East Coast/West Coast difference in phiosophy. I've eaten at Joe's Shanghai in NYC (Supposedly the best) and at many San Franciso dumpling houses, the best being Koi Palace (My favorite Dim Sum). Joe's seem to have a heavier dough and richer sauce, with some liver flavor. West coast semed to he a little higher in pork fat and more delicate wrappers with a clear broth. I prefer West Coast, and usually go th Jeng Chi. I agree with donnaaries that neither on is great, but the onion pancake at Jeng Chi is really good.

    2. thanks for the replies. I haven't tried Jeng Chi yet, but I work a few minutes away and will make a trip there soon. Too bad there aren't more choices for Shanghai cuisine in the area.
      I didn't not like the dumplings at Shanghai Restaurant, they're good enough to fix my cravings until my next trip to NY, but they just didn't have the full flavor of the ones i had previously. Also, my dining experience was a little uncomfortable there. We arrived 45 minutes before closing and had to hear for the next 5 minutes, the workers continually saying "no more customers!" to each other, while looking at us like we were the burden of their evening. They had long shut off the AC (in Texas during business hours?) and only turned it back on when we started fanning ourselves with our menus. The heat and humidity accompanied by a thick mothball-like scent in the air wasn't the best environment to enjoy a meal. So, yes, even though they have pretty good food, i'm still looking for other options out there.