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If you were going to die tomorrow...

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If you were, and you were allowed one pastry/baked good/dessert from anywhere in LA county, what would it be and where is it from?

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  1. this is so hard.

    Honestly? A MEGA-version of Grand Luxe Cafe's hot melting chocolate cake, a la mode.

    1. Tiramisu from Chez Melange in Redondo Beach. Don't know if they've had it on their dessert tray recently, but the last time I had it, it was pure heaven.

      1. Either chocolate bread pudding from Josie (http://www.josierestaurant.com/) or Thai coconut waffle balls from the cart vender outside of Sanamluang (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...). (Or has that guy moved to another location?)

        1. I would spend all my last moments at Susina, and have all my favorites. I would start and end on the apple fante.

          1. That's a tough one. I would have an almond crossaint shipped down from Citizen Cake in San Francisco, as that is absolutely the best pastry I have ever had in my life.

            But, if I had to pick in LA, I would go to the bakery in Little Tokyo and get a cream roll. Any of the bakeries in Little Tokyo would do - they're all amazing.

            1. Oh snap, totally forgot about the butternut squash bread pudding at Blair's. HEAVENLY!

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              1. English trifle from Sweet Lady Jane.

                Honorable mentions: pumpkin pie at Al Gelato, apple tarte tatin from the Ivy, three-berry cake at SLJ, strawberry and chocolate gelato from Il Cono, the banana and chocolate souffle I once had at Spago, hot fudge sundae or strawberry shortcake at the Grill.

                1. they no longer offer it, but ocean avenue seafood used to serve a dessert that they called the chocolate box.

                  it was box made out of good chocolate that was stuffed with three scoops of great quality ice cream, covered with a wonderful sprinkling of finely diced expensive intensely flavorful fruit, drizzled with chocolate sauce and with caramel sauce.

                  1. A big, buttery, croissant from Some Crust Bakery in Claremont. (the last bastion of foodie civilization on the eastern border of LA County). Seriously, the best this side of Paris.

                    Followed by the cheesecake and fresh blueberry-filled pinwheel pastry, or killer bearclaw, also at Some Crust.

                    If Armageddon was coming too fast to make the 40-minute drive out there, then I'd grab a coconut cupcake from Joan's on Third.

                    1. a nice big slice of Hansen's sheet cake - white cake/white frosting. it's so good!

                      1. Tres leches cake from Porto's

                        1. Pie, any kind of pie, from Bake & Broil in Long Beach...

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                            Bake & Broil's fresh apricot pie is definitely Judgement Day-worthy!

                          2. Tiramisu from Guido's near Bundy. YUM!

                            1. I'd pig out at Susina's or Sweet Lady Jane-- :P Any of the tarts from the former, and trifle from the latter.

                              1. I'd meet my maker with a cheese roll from Porto's in hand. No, make that 2 cheese rolls: it'd be rude not to share.

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                                  Profiteroles from Spago with spun gold sugar on top. Oh my.

                                2. Oh my good god. I have to pick two.

                                  I want a gallon of Adrian R. Vasquez's corn ice cream with blackberries and corn polenta (served at Providence), and I'd get a Butterscotch Pudding from Jar as a chaser.

                                  Plus donuts. A huge, gigtantic, Homer Simpson worthy pile of donuts - from Alex Donuts on Franklin.

                                  Mmmmmmmm. Great question.

                                  1. Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding Served with Vanilla Bean Sauce at Ocean Avenue Seafood