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Jul 13, 2006 09:44 PM

KRLD Restaurant Week (DFW)

As the above mentioned event nears and reservations may become coveted, anyone care to share any particularly memorable experiences (good or bad) at the participating restaurants from last year?

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  1. I LOOOOOVVVVEEE restaurant week. I've done it the last couple of years.

    Abacus always gives a big bang for the buck.

    Nana was a bit chinzy and it was hard to get a table before 9pm.

    Hector's served mainly their most popular dishes. But there is a new chef in town. So, they might mix it up a bit.

    Drae was only ok. I wouldn't really suggest going there. It ended up just being expensive chinese food.

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    1. re: simply_victoria

      Blythe's hardly new, SV. She was the sous chef at Hector's from day one and was one of Dean Fearing's mignons at the Mansion.


    2. That's an impressive list of restaurants.

      1. My best Restaurant Week experience to date was at Nana ... but that was before the change of chefs. The food was luscious, and they were completely prepared with an add-on menu, including foie gras!

        1. Now that I have my own reservation ;) just wanted to mention that Iris is doing Restaurant Week for two weeks, and I've been told they will be posting their RW menu later on today.

          1. i tried to make reservations at Stephan Pyles today...people sure do jump on these RW reservations! They only had 10 & 10:30 seatings left, which is just too late for me to have a 3 course meal.
            I went ahead and made a reservation at Mercury Grill, which i haven't been to before, but read good things about on this site.
            Do you all think that's a worth while RW dine, or is there a different restaurant on the list i should go with?

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            1. re: cheryl29

              I have reservations at Nobu, Abacus, and III Forks. We are trying to get a date set for Lonesome Dove, but they did not answer their phone.