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Jul 13, 2006 09:43 PM

New Bistro in Fresno

I decided to return to the Torta Express, a sandwich shop that Polar Bear talked about some time ago. I liked it, but it's just outside of the area I travel around in so I've only been there twice. It was at the SW corner of Shaw and First St--Mission Village I think the center is called. Anyway, it's gone. Now there's a sit down, full-service restaurant called Cracked Pepper Bistro (iirc). There was no menu in the window and the sign said open from 5:30 to 10PM, but there were several people inside around noon.

Has anyone tried it? The center is mostly Asian, with one Mexican restaurant, but I'm not at all sure what type of cuisine this new Bistro serves.

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  1. Hubby and I saw that Torta Express had closed as well. We were so disapointed that we just left without really checking out the new place. So thanks for the reminder to at least give this new place a chance. It does seem like a weird place to have a "bistro", but stranger things have happened!

    1. Talked to a couple of fellow hounds last night that we dine with quite often who had been there earlier this week. Yes, it's called Cracked Pepper Bistro, and they had nothing but good things to say about it. They started with a napoleon of eggplant, tomato, and feta cheese (iirc), shared a Caesar salad, and had the filet and a fish dish for entrees. They also said the service was top notch.

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        1. Talk about a great restaurant. The food and service is out of site. It's like dining in your own home. The added touches and creativity add to the food and the atmosphere of dining. Escargot is excellent and the filet mignon is out of this world. We had warm bread and sweet butter with a hint of jalapeno and honey. Just right and we will definitely recommend that you try this experience. We will be back. THe chef and his helpers really add kindness to the experience.

          1. How are the prices? Do they have wine? It sounds great.