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Jul 13, 2006 09:17 PM

Visited the new downtown Saigon Grill last night

If you enjoy any of the uptown Saigon Grill's, you'll love the downtown version, on University between 11th and 12th Streets. The food is identical and prices comparable to their uptown locations, but the decor is much hipper and vibier than their cafeteria-style counterparts. Plus, they have a huge bar up front with flat-screen plasma TV's. Try it. You'll love it. It's a way of life.

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  1. I've never been to a saigon grill, though I've seen it mention on chowhound alot. How does it compare with the vietnamese restaurants in chinatown ? Is it the same type of food with higher prices beause of its location or does it have some kind of creative fusion thing going on there?

    1. After having lunch today at Saigon Grill on the UWS (got my staple: the L16 with shrimp a.k.a. the number 82 at dinnertime - with lots of chili sauce) I found myself in the union square area.... curiosity took me past Saigon Grill on University Place and my heart leapt at the sight of flags and activity in front of the restaurant at last! So excited to hear they are doing swanky decor... Can't wait to introduce my downtown friends to my addiction! You're so right, it IS a way of life... The empire is growing!

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        Dinner tonight at the University Place Saigon Grill - it was a disaster - a vegetable curry almost not cooked at all, and with just about no flavor. Rice - dried out and cold. I found it
        out of character for restaurant staff not to even ask whether
        anything was wrong when I left 3/4 of the dinner on the table.

        1. re: stevebookman

          That sucks... in general I have to say that customer service is not what Saigon Grill is about. In general, it is order, eat, pay and leave. And I like it that way... I have never been asked once how my meal is. You've got to wave them down if you need something and they will help you out right away. Give it another chance if you can stomach it in a couple of weeks... they've got to get their legs, you know? Also do some research about what to order because with such an expansive menu, some things are bound to be hit-or-miss, like vegetable curry. But when they hit, the food is outstanding and worthy of many many return trips.