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QUICK! where to buy tub of thick Greek Yogurt near Oakland??

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thinking of driving all the way down to Berkeley, but it'd be nice if there were some place in downtown oakland.
BTW, this is for home-consumption, not on-site :)

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  1. I know trader joe's carries it!

    1. Yeah, not sure where in Oakland. Have seen at whole foods, berkeley bowl, and trader joe's, but none are in oaktown.

      1. I've bought American-made Greek-style yogurt at the Middle Eastern markets -- I think there are three of them -- on Telegraph around 30th in Oakland.

        1. my safeway has it, but only 2 flavors fig and something else i forget sorry. but at over 2 bucks for what looked to be under a pint, the taste didnt match my wallet.

          1. Piedmont Grocery also might have it. I have a vague recollection that I may have seen it there. Just give them a call. They're very helpful on the phone and aren't that far from downtown Oakland. (510) 653-8181

              1. Oh, good call on Euromix. Even if they don't have it, it's a really fun store.

                1. There's a TJ's in Alameda that carries it.

                  1. Sounds like an immediate need, but if you have more time I just put Straus organic whole milk yogurt in a large cone coffee filter and let it drain for an hour. That way it is organic, too!

                    1. Any good quality plain yogurt can become similar to the
                      Greek yogurt (brand name: Fage) by draining the yogurt,
                      as Armoise says above.

                      Just put the yogurt in a large cone coffee filter (using
                      the plastic filter basket) and letting they whey drain
                      off into a bowl below.

                      It's easy...it's great...

                      1. I know that Piedmont Market had it a couple of weeks ago, but not very much of it (BBowl has whole milk (cow and sheeps?), 2% and 0%

                        The produce market inside Market Hall in Rockridge has it.

                        What I don't understand is how can Strauss (or any other non-Greek yoghurt) turn into Greek yog by simply draining out the water. Does the strong sour flavor leave with the whey/water? Fage is milder than Strauss (or any other yog) as well as being thicker.

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                          Yes, the sour flavor does drain out with the whey. In Turkey they drain out the whey, then stir in water to thin it for other uses, like ayran. But this is more for Home Cooking board...

                          If the Greek yogurt is made with sheep's milk, then yes, it is worth it and different. But I have never seen one sold here that listed sheep's milk in the ingredients.

                        2. My neighborhood grocer, Rocky's Market, in Oakmore Highlands carries Fage's Total Greek yogurt. I just had the one with honey and they also have one with strawberries. They also have a couple of plain ones as well. As a bonus, this is also the market where Dan R Meats is located so I had him cut some double thick loin chops for some nice lamb porterhouse to grill tonight :)