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Jul 13, 2006 09:14 PM

Quick dinner in Brentwood

Any suggestions for something other than the chains on San Vicente?

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  1. Barney's Burgers is good, even if it is a chain. Saketini on Barrington is tasty, Divino's on Barrington Place is good Italian. Bria

      1. re: chica

        for tea coral tree but i wouldn't eat there

      2. sortino's italian in between coffee bean and compartes chocolates is also really good, the owner of ago owns it i believe, i had the saffron ravioli and it was great...i also like osteria latini on san vicente blvd, near the coldstone...mmm

        1. I also really like Barney's Burgers...I think there are only two locations--does that count as a chain? I like the sandwiches at Coral Tree for lunch...not sure what the dinner options are. I really like the Thai place on the third floor of the Brentwood Gardens mall (Saladang?) for a quick dinner...good food, great service, and inexpensive. I like Taiko in the Brentwood Gardens mall for sushi. I am actually not a fan of Sor tino...I found it kind of mediocre. However, I only went once, when they had only been open a week or two, so perhaps they've improved.

          1. the cobb salad at barney's is pretty darn good. and it is extremely satifsying for a salad. i had it for lunch yesterday and wasn't hungry again for the rest of the day.