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Jul 13, 2006 09:11 PM

Gingerbread Construction Co.-- anybody been?

The husband reported getting a box of this Winchester company's muffins as work swag, and having an utterly delicious chocolate/raspberry/cream muffin reminiscent of what hostess cakes dream of being. According to their website, they have a retail store and lots of kinds of muffins. Are they worth a trip from Jamaica Plain? Thanks.

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  1. not pass GO, do ***NOT*** collect $200!

    The gingerbread with cream cheese filling muffin is my absolute 'n' spice also good, and coworkers rave over those strawberry shortcake ones as well. I just can't NOT pick up the gingerbread muffin. :-)

    There's also a location in Wakefield right off the rotary. They are SO....DAMN.....GOOD!!!!

    1. I have not actually been, but I used to work someplace where they would bring in muffins from there about once a month. For those alone I would say its worth going! The ginger bread muffins are amazing. Also if you like carrot cake (I dont) I hear those ones are great as well. Oh just remembered the Boston Creme muffins too, Probally all the muffins!

      1. Eat no carbs fo a week then use your last energy to run there...oooh the muffins.

        1. Decadent muffins ranging from the typical blueberry-type breakfast muffins to rich, icing covered, gingerbread and carrot cake muffins that are more like dessert than breakfast. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. If you're counting calories at all you may want to skip, but otherwise it's worth a trip in my opinion. I may have to go out soon...

          1. Don't forget the chocolate cream muffins.