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Jul 13, 2006 08:45 PM

~*Chandler Smoking laws??*~

Ok, I'm finally moving back home to valley! But, it appears that I may have to rent in Chandler until I can move into my new home in Scottsdale. Long story, and none of you truly care!

Anyway, what are the smoking laws in Chandler restaurants? I'll be staying at a home in the Ocotillo neighborhood, on a lake, and have no clue as to good restaurants down there! Any help is appreciated!

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  1. I did some searching around online, and Chandler, Gilbert, Goodyear, Guadalupe, Mesa, Surprise, and Tempe all have some sort of anti-smoking ordinance. If you're looking for restaurants that have smoking sections, generally they will be larger chain restaurants that have planned out doing a separate room with its own ventilation system. I'm sure there are some in Phoenix proper, but I can't remember the last time I was asked "Smoking or non?"

    1. I guess you are going to be in the area of Queen Creek Rd and Alma School Rd. I think this is a good area for chow.

      Cyclo is one of my favorites

      Also, my favorite of the three Pita Jungle locations is Chandler.

      I used to work in this area, and some of my other lunch favorites were:

      Chino Bandito
      Espos Mexican Food, 3863 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ
      Lee's Sandwiches,
      Swaddee Thai,

      I also like C-Fu Gourmet,

      I never saw a smoker in any of these places, except on the patio.

      1. I believe the only places you can smoke in Chandler are bars.

        1. Is it Chandler that has/had the little Mexican restaurant in the downtown area that the city has been trying to close (for land development)? I came across it last year on the way to a potluck (I neeed to get some food to bring). It was kinda funky in design. Had a walk-up counter where you order, and then find your own seat. My food was to go, so I lingered about - reading all the press clippings regarding the fight with the city. Pretty much all the land around it was bare due to pending construction.

          I hope the owner won his fight and would frequent it out of support if I lived closer. That, and the food was good as well. I hope someone closer knows what I'm talking about and posts an update and name of the place.

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          1. re: tastyjon

            That would be Guedo's Taco Shop, I believe. It's been there for at least a decade and whoever is going to build there will likely have to build around him.

            1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

              JK, I first ate at Guedo's in 1985 and it was going strong back then. It was about one-third the current size and a true Chowhound destination.

              I haven't been in a while and am sorry to learn about the land fight with the city. Shame on Chandler!

              1. re: Sherri

                This needs some clarification. ... The city HAS NOT tried to close Guedo's. ... Any conflict between the City and Guedo's dealt more with negotiating parking, etc. ... Guedo's very much fits the vision for the area.

                The restaurant that the City tried unsuccessfully to run out of town was the Jack in the Box on Arizona Avenue, around the corner from Guedo's. ...

                1. re: friedmush

                  "My food was to go, so I lingered about - reading all the press clippings regarding the fight with the city. Pretty much all the land around it was bare due to pending construction." posted by tastyjon. This is where I got my information.

                  1. re: friedmush

                    Friedmush is exactly correct. it was the Jack in the Box that the city was trying to get rid of. In fact, Guedo has received money from the city for renovations to his property as a sign of their support for his commercial involvement in the downtown area (note this was some years ago before the downtown 'revitalization.')

                    1. re: friedmush

                      I should clarify as well. As mentioned, I happened there on a whim and only recall there was an ongoing dispute. There was talk of closure, but maybe that was the message from the restaurant's proponents and not the policy of the city. I was wrong to imply that. Still, there has been an ongoing wrangling.

                      From what I recall, there was debate on access and parking. In all fairness, I don't recall the city ever directly saying they wanted to close the place down. It might have been the proponents saying that if the city restricted parking or access, then the place might close down for economic reasons.

                      The bottom line is this: I hope the city and restaurant have arrived at a mutually beneficial agreement. Chandler is a good city and Guedo's is a good taco spot.

              2. I don't remember all of the details, but I believe the public food fight, pun intended, involved the negotiating of adjacent ways for the city (widening of street, etc.) and trade off for additional parking for the restaurant, and things of that nature.