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Jul 13, 2006 08:42 PM

Icarus' $28 Anniversary Price Fixe Dinner

Has anyone tried it this month? I thought the menu looked pretty good for $28 bucks. Was wondering if anyone could point to "must haves" off the limited menu?

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  1. My coworker went on Friday night, and had a positive experience. There were two of them, they got a bottle of wine for $28 (also a special they're running), and thought it was very good and a good value. They started with a cold corn bique with smoked trout and (separate starter) pork bellies with greens and beans. Both were the highlights of the meal. Next, they had a roasted chicken (excellent), and duck confit with rice and berries, also excellent. For dessert, profiteroles filled with ice cream and a johnnycake pie. The report is that the hostess and bartender were beyond difficult, but the server was excellent.

    1. I went Tues. nite and the place was packed at 7:30 (tho quieted down about 75 min later). Everyone was very friendly and the host was great, no problem that my friend was running late. Waiter was busting his ass but still very sweet. Started with a mango martini and strawberry something or other w/ our rustic bread and butter. I also had the chilled corn soup w/ smoked trout which was good as was the grilled lamb w/ eggplant and greens. Friend had polenta w/ goat cheese and the duck dish. She had the very chocolatey dessert while I had the johnnycake cobbler w/ fruit and vanilla ice cream. Everything was solid if not mind blowing but definitely a nice $28 meal.

      1. We went on Tuesday night too. Service was fine, but the butter was solid cold. We both ordered the marinated seafood salad - it was good, but more deconstructed than I had expected. My friend enjoyed the blue fish, but noted the slight heat from the pilaf. I was going to order the lamb, but the day's special of poached chilean seabass won me over. It was yummy, but I had to watch out for a handful of bones and two star anise hiding among the vegetables. Cobbler was fine.