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Jul 13, 2006 07:56 PM

Paris African Market

I understand that there is an interesting African (and Antilles) Market in the Paris 18eme. Supposedly "exotic" produce may be found there. Anyone know where it is located exactly?? Is it any good? I'll be staying @ "Boul Mich".

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  1. There is a great outdoor market in the Belleville neighborhood of Paris which is in the 20th Arrondisement (take the metro to the Belleville stop and it's right there). I would recommend this neighborhood in general for African and Asian food in Paris.

    1. Goutte d'or?

      Marché d'Aligre in the 12th/11th is always great fun...

      1. You may be thinking of the Barbes market in the 18th just under the metro tracks at the Barbes Rochechourt stop. It can be very interesting--we saw goat heads complete with eyes and teeth on spits, but at butcher shops beside the market rather than in it. We found the customers more exotic than the foodstuffs but overall a great experience. Others with ethnic clientele and some (but not a lot) of ethnic produce, etc. are Joinville near the Crimee metro stop and Belleville as already mentioned at the couronnes or belleville metro stops. Enjoy.