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Can you cook with fresh Paprika peppers?

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I guess you are supposed to dry and finely ground paprika but it seems such a waste. They look so pretty in my garden maybe I'll just let them be on the plant but is their a way to use them fresh?

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  1. These might be like the SW US peppers (ancho etc...), try roasting them over the stove until the skin is blistered and charred, then put them in a paper bag to sweat, then peel the tough skins, remove the seeds and white internal walls, then slice/chop/blend for whatever use you like. Another approach is to keep them whole after peeling and seeding, then stuff with corn/pork/cheese etc... and roast. Green pepper soup is one of my favorites, but pretty hot.

    1. I have used them fresh just like any other pepper. They are sweet.