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Event Spaces in nyc

Does anyone know of a good website which lists sources for hosting weddings/ banquets in nyc?
I am especially interested in websites that list caterers, and event spaces.

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  1. I just went to a fantastic wedding at Capitale, an old converted bank down on Bowery that's only used for private events. While their website doesn't list prices, it does give you an idea of what's available. The food was amongst the best I've had at weddings.


    1. Try the local area section of theknot.com
      Don't know how comprehensive it is but certainly a start.

      1. Thanks for the tips What other sites are ou there similar to the knot but not nessecarily for weddings?

        1. Go to NYCVisit.com (official tourism site) and go to the meetings & events planning section. There is a whole section of facilities from the regular hotels to unique facilities like museums and nightclubs.

            1. My wedding was at Alger House in the West Village, and I can recommend it unequivocally. They run their own catering in the space and it was great food; the staff were also very helpful and friendly throughout the whole planning. Their website:


              Photos on the site don't do it justice, especially in evening lighting.

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                Hey Nom, I'm thinking of doing my wedding at the Alger House as well. Anything else you can tell me about it? We have to make a decision soon! I'm glad to hear the catering was good.

                And Jordana, definitely check out the Bizbash site, it was quite helpful to us. Other spaces we looked at that were nice were 91 Horatio and The Foundry in LIC. I'd be happy to share other tips with you.

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                  Sorry to be a cliche, but my wife and her family were more directly involved with the planning end of things, so I'm of limited help beyond reporting that the wedding and planning were thoroughly enjoyable. We didn't have any unusual or demanding requests, but I remember all of our questions/concerns were dealt with smoothly and efficiently (eg: letting me come in and check out the in-house sound system -- a nice one, by the way -- and to bring the bandleader and a friend who was helping with the decorations in to check out the space beforehand), and that all of the service went well. The space itself has the feel of a slightly funky restaurant, eg: lots of diverse artwork on the walls, exposed brick, big mantle; it's a very warm feel and looks really cool with the evening lighting. There's also a really neat upstairs "lounge" area with lots of plants and a little bar.

                  I cannot remember his name for the life of me, but there was a Hungarian (?) fellow who ran things there and who was an absolute gem; he was very well-versed in the food and wine area and successfully wrangled my mother-in-law throughout, which believe you me was a full-time job in and of itself.

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                  My fiance and I are casting about for reception spaces as well but having trouble finding something large enough (175-200 guests) and affordable in Manhattan! Alger House looks lovely, but is too small. I think the same folks run Manhattan Penthouse though - totally different feel but seems like a nice loft space. Has anyone heard anything about the food there? Any particular caterers to recommend? I have calls out to Movable Feast, Raging Skillet and 9 Events - trying to get an idea of what catering an event at a place like the Foundry or the Picnic House in Brooklyn would run v. an all-inclusive location. Like apples and oranges tho so having problems. Any advice from folks?

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                    The same folks do run both and I believe that the food offerings are the same at either place -- in fact, we had our tasting at the Penthouse location.

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                      NDP--I'm considering a function with Mansions Catering. What did you think about the wine served? Also, did you have the tasting before you signed the contract? Thanks for any info.

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                        We were invited to a tasting at their penthouse space before we signed the final contract so that we could select from among the options for the wedding dinner entrees/apps, so I assume that's their standard practice. I can't recall if they had more upscale wine options than the ones we picked (yes, I know, typical groom), but the white was a surprisingly good California chardonnay and the red was the Rosemount Cabernet blend, which was good enough to suit our purposes (everyone had already dulled their tastebuds at the open bar before the ceremony as it was). One of their beer options, if that's any consideration, was Sam Adams, which we ended up going with and was a much better option than the Bud/Coors/Miller crap that's par for the course at these things.

                3. New York Magazine should have a list of resources for you.

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                    definitely check out the weddings issue of new york magazine. even if it's not a wedding you're planning, the resources there are great. their site is newyorkmag.com

                    also, there's a great little book called "50 best party places in new york", which i found incredibly helpful when i was planning our wedding.

                  2. to bustapoo: my fiance and i are getting married at the yale club. it holds between 175-200. so far the process has been great and it is reasonably priced.

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                      whoah - hadn't checked this in a while so didn't realize you had responded. thanks jon. i've heard good things about the yale club but we already booked a different loft space! who is catering your wedding if I might ask? we're still looking...