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Ki Sushi on Smith St.

There's a new sushi spot on Smith that looks like it's just about to open -- Ki Sushi. Any gossip on estimated opening date/whether it will be any good? I'm a huge sushi eater and I'd love to have another good delivery option since Osaka takes forever.

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  1. It was open last night - didn't grab a menu as my allegiance is to Taro in Park Slope. (Even though Ki is a heck of a lot closer.)

    1. It's open now. The service is good and the decor is pretty nice, but I wasn't that impressed with the food. Osaka is definitely better.

      1. Aw, bummer! Well, thanks for saving me a trip, I guess.

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          Cube 63 which is just down the street on Court is much better than Osaka (imho)

        2. It's always worth the walk up to the Iron Chef House on Clark St. near Henry. I'm disappointed whenever I try Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens sushi.

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            It's always worth the B63 busride to Taro. :)
            We enjoy Iron Chef, and it's our stand-by if our metrocards are expired or have some other reason to be in BHeights.
            I always enjoyed Cube63, but haven't been back since it's no longer BYOB.

          2. I just had lunch at Cube 63. While it was perfectly fine, and sadly the best option in the neighborhoods, Taro is 10x better. In fact, I'm kind of mad that I didn't go there for lunch instead.

            1. Ate at Ki Sushi late last night with two friends and we all agreed that it was possibly the best Japanese in the area. The Gyoza were deep fried and tangy, and a Yakitori appetizer came with a really great thick teriyaki-style dipping sauce. Then came the sushi- all really delicious and fresh- it's rare that I have sushi in this neighborhood without at least one stinker cut.

              We really like the presentation of the dishes and the overall design of the restaurant is very sleek but comfortable.

              Overall an excellent experience. I'll have to eat there a couple more times before comparing it to other sushi joints on Smith and Court, but based on first impressions I'm really glad to have them in the neighborhood.

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                I can't disagree more about the quality of Ki Sushi. I thought that it was markedly worse than the two other area sushi places i've been to, Osaka and Cube 63, and it's nowhere near the same league as Taro sushi.

                I went on Monday night with my husband. We started with the king salmon and scallop appetizer, which was still frozen in the middle and drenched in and completely overwhelmed by a white truffle oil and citrus sauce.

                We also ordered the Spicy Girl roll which tasted like the spicy tuna at Cube 63, and I thought was quite mushy (though my husband liked it), and shared a Sushi Deluxe plate, which cost the same as the one at Cube 63 (around $18), and was the most boring sushi i've ever had. There was very little selection (OK tuna, "eh" salmon- definitely not the freshest, and several identical pieces of bland and mushy white fish which i couldn't for the life of me tell apart).

                Also, understandably (I guess) for a new place, the service wasn't great. My husband ordered a piece of inari which never came, and the waiter never even offered to bring the salad or miso soup that supposedly came with the sushi deluxe platter.

                Overall, i'll probably never go there again, since Cube 63 is only a few blocks away. If Ki Sushi wants to keep charging what it does, they should stop serving "cheap sushi joint" food.

              2. Just read that the chef at Ki is the old chef from Osaka. I've been there three times now and have only had good experiences aside from some service kinks when they first openned.

                1. We ate at Ki Sushi this week and we both agree that it is superior to Osaka. The decor and service at Osaka has always left something to be desired, esp. one hostess who is always miserable. The actual sushi was of a good quality and the portions were perfect-- not so thick that you couldn't eat the pieces, but not skimpy either. I think that some of the special rolls at osaka are slightly better and more imaginative, but my fiancee disagrees. The regular rolls, esp. the yellowtail/scallion were very good.

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                    Totally different experience than we had...
                    The nigri pieces were unbearably huge, more than two mouthfuls. The rice was extremely over-vinegared and interfered with the flavor of the fish. And the rolls were poorly rolled, falling apart quickly.
                    With Taro, Iron Chef, and Cube63 nearby, I doubt we'll return.