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Jul 13, 2006 07:36 PM

Quick Chow tonight near Powell, Civ Center or Mission BART?

hitting a show at the warfield tonight. Looking for reccs for places fairly close to the BART line, where we can get in w/o a reservation around 6-6:30 and still get out in about an hour. Asian, Mexican or Indian sound good, but up for anything (as usual).

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    1. Farmer Brown would work. Just one block from Powell BART. I was there last Saturday - no wait for walk ins at 6pm, my meal took 90 minutes but I had an app, entree and dessert. I'm sure if you made them aware of your time constraint you could be in and out in an hour. Plus, they have a full bar which is nice for getting your buzz on before a show.

      Here's my report:

      1. Tu Lan on 6th and Market.... Good enough for Julia Child.

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          There are more and better cheap Vietnamese restaurants today than there were then.

          1. re: TLR

            The place with the Grandmother in the closet? No...shudder.

            1. re: rabaja

              I hope this isn't a Psycho sort of arrangement.

            2. re: TLR

              Tu lan has some street creed. The bit about Julia Child seems to be in every SF guide book. I think the place is beyond gross and the food is mediocre at best. There are much better Vietnamese places in tenderloin, such as bodega bistro, hung ky, pho kien giang, turtle tower.

            3. I'd go and sit in the bar section of Jardinierre - but then I'd go there any chance I can get.

              1. I find Tu Lan and Slanted Door to be two extremes of overrated.

                If I had gotten here in time I'd have recommended the Yucatecan place on 15th & Valencia, especially since Mexican was one of the requests.