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Jul 13, 2006 07:34 PM

Sake in Toronto?

I've been to a few restaurants here in Toronto that offer good japanese sake, but can't seem to purchase it here in the city.

I particularly like the Wakatake Onikoroshi (Demon Slayer), but don't want to keep forking over $200 a bottle at Blowfish!

Can anyone help out? Thanks!

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  1. I feel your pain. The LCBO Vintages outlets, especially the bigger free-standing varieties may be able to help, though they're longer on empathy than delivery. Osawa brings in small brands for the restos at wholesale but I'm not certain it's accessible without that sort of connection.Sooner or later the LCBO will stock better than the garden variety swill.

    1. Haven't tried the Demon Slayer, so can't help there. But my favourite is Sato No Homare which is brought in by Ozawa Canada (who have an extensive product line). The website is:

      The website is rather short on content and high on flash (when will they ever learn?) but contact them for their extensive list.
      And the next LCBO Vintages release (July 22) seems to have a good one:
      Premium Junmai Saké, Japan (product Code 514141)

      1. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll certainly try the Ozawa offerings!

        estufarian, if you haven't tried the demon slayer, i'd highly recommend it. My introduction to it was at Ki..which, by the way, was the only memorable part of the meal there! ;)


        1. I may be mistaken but I thought Ozawa(sp) only sold wholesale and in quantity to the trade with no retail side at all. Check out the excellent too.

          1. Ozawa will sell by the case to individuals - I got the feeling if you were really polite he would forgive the fact you aren't a restaurant.

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              Yes, minimum order is 1-case for private purchase. But several lines (including the Sato No Homare) have been released at Vintages. Also he'll probably tell you which restaurants stock his stuff if you want to try first. Incidentally, Sato No Homare is on the winelist at French Laundry (in Napa) and both Jean-Georges and Per Se in NY. It's all over in Vancouver and Seattle and used to be on the list at Susur before the front room regime change last year. I think Hiro had it too.

              Also Kubo radio (894 Queen East just west of Logan)has the Dragon slayer (according to their website) at $9.25 for 3 oz (plus taxes etc). Ask who the importer is!