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Jul 13, 2006 07:04 PM

Birthday dinner tonight-- affordable restaurant suggestions anyone?


My roommmate's birthday is tonight and I want to take her to dinner somewhere new (we tend to frequest the same couple of places in the Venice area...). She likes just about anything. Sushi is the only thing she doesnt' really eat. I'm super poor right now, though, so I'm looking for someplace fun and affordable.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Try 26 Beach in Venice 3100 Washington

    1. El Cholo (Mexican) in santa monica is always festive, and not too expensive. C&O Trattoria (Italian) in Venice is fun and inexpensive. Granted, chowhounds will balk at these choices (especially C&O), but I like them both--good food for the price, and a fun atmosphere. Another good choice that actually won't get me flamed is Musha in Santa Monica (Japanese)--fun atmosphere, small plates good for sharing. Of the 3, they have the best food, but it will cost a little more than El Cholo or C&O.

      1. 26 Beach in Venice is great

        So is Sakura House,
        13362 West Washington Boulevard
        Los Angeles, California 90066-5108 ph: 310.306.7010
        sizzling Japanese skewers over special coals from Japan.

        1. How about Primitivo Wine Bistro? (

          If that's out of your budget maybe consider Nook Bistro on Sawtelle? (

          1. Depending on what your idea of "fun" is, The Terried Sake House on Santa Monica might work. It's very affordable, and "fun" in the sense that you get to try a lot of different little items.