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Jul 13, 2006 06:56 PM

Hard-Boiled Eggs... Getting On My Nerves!

I buy the eggs at the store, leave them upside down in the carton at room temp for 2 days (Discussion about this method earier this year--tried 2 days instead of 1 this time.).

Then, I prepare them per Shirley Corriher... The eggs are gorgeous--no gray around the yoke--perfect!

Problem: They are still impossible to peel--HELP!!!

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  1. Here's what works for me: As soon as the eggs are finished, I pour off the boiling water, then I dump ice cubes + cold tap water over the eggs while they're still in the pot. Then I take the eggs and rap them all over against the sink so that the shell is cracked all over. Finally, I peel them under running cold water. *Usually* the peel slides right off. But some eggs are just recalcitrant!
    I wonder if anyone has a completely foolproof method?

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    1. re: fauchon

      After drainning the simmered, not boiled eggs, I put the pan lid back on and shake the pan vigorously to crack the eggs all over. Then cover with ice and water and allow to stand about 10 miinutes. I peel under running cold water and put them back into the ice water as soon as they are peeled to chill thoroughly

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        Yep...this works! The fresher the egg...the harder to peel.

        1. re: melly

          This method will work even with FRESH eggs?

    2. I agree that the ice cube/cold h20 method is helpful, but I think time is really the only foolproof method. Give 'em a couple days, they'll peel right off.

      1. I thought the trick was using old eggs??

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          Agreed. At least one week. Leave in the fridge, then do the rest as you would. Old eggs always peels easily.

          1. re: OnceUponABite

            I guess the theory of leaving them at room temp for a day wasn't enough time to "age" them (took it to two days--guess it still wasn't enough time.).

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              You aged them just fine. Peeling is another story. I concur with the posters who have suggested that once you've cooked the eggs to perfection, run the pot (and the eggs) under cold water until they cool down, then break the eggs and leave them under water for a minute or two. Eggs which have been hard-cooked, and then cracked and allowed to sit in water, even for a brief time, are much easier to peel.

        2. I thought the trick was to peel them under water.


          1. As someone who has eaten 2 hard-boiled eggs every day for over a year now, I can tell you that it comes down to two types of eggs....those that WANT to be peeled and those that don't. All the tricks might make a difference but none are foolproof.

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                Agree. I feed my dogs boiled eggs (along with other things), and so I peel quite a few myself. Some seem to have a defective, very thick and non-detachable membrane. When you get one of those, there's no help for it. It seems that more expensive eggs peel better. I buy organic eggs for myself, and I have never once had that problem with them. For the dogs I buy less expensive eggs in larger quantities. Sometimes I get a good batch, sometimes I get a bad batch. I have a theory that boiling them right side up helps, but not sure yet.

                I should add that when peeling, if the membrane doesn't break on its own, I break it with my nail and peel it away with the shell. As mentioned above though, sometimes this simply isn't possible and that is when it all goes to hell.