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Jul 13, 2006 06:47 PM

old city luches?

i started a new job in old city (3rd and cherry) about a month ago and am getting tired of sassafras market lunches. any suggestions for alternatives? mostly interested in take-away and i lean towards healthier options (ie not pizza shops).

thanks in advance...

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  1. Fork has a take-away shop right next door on Market west of 3rd and Farmacia has a counter where they sell stuff from Metropolitan Bakery. There's a sandwhich shop at the corner of 4th and Chestnut (Cosi?).

    1. Old City Coffee on Church St., just east of 3rd, usually has interesting items in their cooler. Although it's a pizza shop, Soho Pizza on Market St. has nice salads to go. And check out nearby Campo's, too--their menu has a lot great stuff besides just Italian hoagies and cheesesteaks.