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Jul 13, 2006 06:28 PM

New York Hound Not Fooling Around

OK hounds- you haven't let me down yet- I got great recs for San Francisco last summer-so here we go. Guttergourmet's wife and I with 7 year old are Seattle virgins coming for 2 weeks in mid-August. As always we will entertain my daughter during the day (Aquarium, Zoo, Space Needle, Pike Market (OK that's for me), Experience Museum (OK, also for me), whale watching, Ferry to Victoria, etc. other recs?) and have arranged for babysitters for 6 nights so Wife and I can EAT real food. During the days I plan to hit Salumi (gimme culatello)no less than 8 times (just finished reading Buford's "Heat" and have eaten multiple times at Mario Battali's restaurants in NY). Will also hit Matt's, I'll solo at Nishino one night and we're staying at the Fairmont so Shuckers looks good (more oyster recs please?!). So far planning Mistral, Dahlia Lounge, Harvest Vine , Wild Ginger and trying to choose among Herbfarm, Lampreia and Crush. Waddya say?

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  1. Lose Wild Ginger and Herbfarm (for different reasons), add Lark and Union. (Some would also say Veil, but I have no opinion.) To a lesser extent, I predict that you will be underwhelmed by Dahlia, and Lampreia can be wildly uneven.

    Just my .02.

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      I've seen the negatives on the board about wild Ginger but the wife insisted. Having said that, are we better off at the satay bar than the restaurant? Why not Herbfarm? Lark, Union and Veil were on my first cut list so I'm willing to reconsider. Give me more.

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        Wild Ginger is fine (it was great at it's old location). But....if you can convince your wife to make a change, I would suggest Monsoon. Better Food, Better Atmosphere.

    2. When at the Space Needle/Science Museum, I would suggest lunch at Tup Tim Thai--lower Queen Anne, on Roy, I believe (kiddy corner from KFC) my son loves the pad thai noodles, so your 7 year old should be fine there, too. I also go for pad thai there and my husband is all about there Panang curry. It's better than Wild Ginger any day of the week. For a dinner I'd recommend Osteria La Spiga on Capital Hill. Fresh made noodles...I'd go lasanga or if they have it, squash ravioli. Another fun lunch place would be Red Mill Burgers--found on Phinney Ridge and lower Magnolia...and maybe one more location that I'm blanking on. Get a chocolate/peanut butter shake--they use chunky p.b. and they're fabulous.

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      1. re: hungrymom

        Red Mill-I think they were on the GQ 20 burgers you must eat before you die list. Thanks.

        1. re: guttergourmet

          Almost forgot. We have a place in NYC called the Donut Plant-best donuts in the universe. I've heard that Top Pot is comparable. Any opinions?

      2. i agree but i would add Herbfarm back in (possibly at the top of your list) and the bar at Union (where you can get both bar menu and full menu), over Dahlia Lounge, Harvest Vine , Wild Ginger, Lampreia and Crush. Herbfarm is best on a Sunday when you can do the garden tour and earlier seating.

        1. I realize I'm in the minority on this, but I've never been a fan of Union, despite having gone several times hoping to be won over. Service is uneven and I have never had a particularly memorable meal there.

          If you must do Wild Ginger, try it for lunch. I believe the full menu is available and that way you don't lose one of your dinners.

          I also think you'll like Lark better than Crush and recommend you keep Harvest Vine in your top 5, especially if you can snag a seat at the copper-top bar.

          1. I agree with lunch rather than dinner at Wild Ginger. During lunch they have several noodle dishes not available during dinner (Nonya noodles, Seven Elements soup (khao soi), Yin Yang noodles (ask them to add duck), Thai noodles (not really Thai as far as i can tell but still good)), plus prices are cheaper. Satay bar is ok but I would request the sunny dining room with windows looking out on Union ave if possible.