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Jul 13, 2006 06:20 PM

Good bakeries/treats in Beverly Hills/Century City?

Hi Guys. Want to bring a gift of great bread, pastries or cookies to a friend who had surgery today. What are your favorite in Beverly Hills/Century City area? thanks

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  1. CLEMENTINE or Joan's on Third!

    1. Some people rave about the cupcakes at Sprinkles, but I think the cupcakes at Joan's are better. And I think the baked goods at Clementine are even better.

      You could also swing down to Surfa's and pick up one of their lavender lemon bars or a cannele. Both are favorites of mine. They've got cookies there, too, but I think they are not as strong as the lemon bars.

      1. BH: Le Pain Quotidien, Boule, Susina, Michel Richard Patisserie

        Century City: Clementine

          1. How about Sprinkles on Little Santa Monica?