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Jul 13, 2006 06:19 PM

Colson's Patisserie

On the corner of 9th Street and 6th Avenue. Has it opened?

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  1. sign yesterday said closed as they were waiting for keyspan to turn on da gas

    1. Has been open for a few days now. The service at the counter is still somewhat less that entirely smooth, but heck - the sandwiches make up for it. I'm currently enjoying a baguette with ham, compte & cornichons, and I overheard a few people saying they'd come by every day it's been open and hadn't been disappointed yet. Seems like very high-quality ingredients and a relaxed atmosphere. One laptop user in the corner, and various casual lunchers. Outdoor seating on 6th for thise who enjoy their wine al fresco.

      I've got high hopes. It seems potentially worth that multi-month wait.

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        A month and a half later, I'm still deeply unimpressed by the service. Almost every time I've gone in (and I continue to go in because it's a couple of doors down), I spend a really long time being ignored before someone finally takes my order. Then a long ignoring before I pay. Staff might team up scooping someone's sorbet, but at the expense of taking orders/cash/etc. Space in there is too tight to keep people milling about when they'd rather be moving along.

        Why do the sandwiches have to be so darned good?

      2. this reply is a bit late but i went there yesterday and was totally unimpressed - stopped eating the pain chocolat because i didn't wnat to ingest the calories for no good reason - and the capuccino had good foam but that's about it. i'm staying away. hope it was just a bad day early on in their opening...

        1. The pain au chocolat and croissant are not that great, more bready than flaky, a little dry. The swiss brioche w/ chocolate or raisins is much better. I've also tried the fruit tarts and brought an entire pear tart to my sister's. Both were good. The cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwich I had one night had good balance and nice taste on a good baguette, although they don't bake those themselves.

          1. I just went there on a Saturday afternoon and, while the wait was unseemly and they clearly need a better system to get food out quickly and to the right person, I was charmed by the place. That area of the Slope has very few options and my quiche and salad were quite tasty. I'm going back to linger a while and try more things.