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Jul 13, 2006 06:19 PM

Sripraphai vs Khao Homm

Will be in Manhattan next month. An ophthalmologist colleague of mine who has been in Thailand many times and takes care of the Royal Family said not to bother with Thai in Manhattan.

He said he recently ate with the Thai Ambassador at Khao Homm and thought it was the best he's had in the States. I wonder if that was because of his dining companion, or if it is the standard.

I've heard great things about Sripraphai, any opinions on which is better for authentic food? Won't have to time to go to both.


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  1. Never been to Khao Homm before, but sriphraphai's definitely a gem.
    Almost all of my Thai friends love Shri, guess if it comes from the locals, you can't really
    go wrong.

    And their snacks and dessert section (by the cashier) are heavenly


    1. Khao Homm is good, and there's some stuff on the menu that Sri doesn't have. It's definitely worth exploring, but if you can only go to one, I'd have to recommend Sri.

      1. I spend a lot of time in Thailand. I was at the dentist in Chiang Mai recently and while I was filling out forms, the receptionist noticed that I live in Queens. She commented that there's "a famous Thai restaurant in Queens". I asked "Sripraphai?" and she replied "Yes!!"

        I've never been to Khao Homm, but if you're only going to one Thai restaurant in NYC, I agree with the previous poster -- it has to be Sripraphai.

        1. I agree with the above. Never been to Khao Homm but nonetheless vote for Sripraphai. I noticed in a NY Magazine short review of Khao Homm, the reviewer lauded them for being able to prepare special requests not on the menu. So I suspect the Thai Ambassador was given a far different -- and better -- meal than you'd get by ordering from the menu.

          1. Definitely Sripraphai. I've been to Khao Homm once and was not impressed. The only redeeming dish was Roast pork leg (best IMO among all thai restos I've been to), but other dishes were so mediocre, they outweighed the goodness of one dish. Portions were on a smallish side.