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Jul 13, 2006 06:04 PM

Good Delivery in Park Slope

I live in San Francisco and would like to have meals delivered to my daughter and her family (new baby arriving soon)...they live on Berkeley Place...could I get a bunch of recommendations so I can provide meals for them from here by phone? THanks.

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  1. These are some of the faves:

    Los Pollitos, Mexican, 718-623-9152 (GREAT chicken soup, roasted chicken, rice and beans, tostones. Not so great typical mexican fare when delivered)

    Taro Sushi, 718-398-0872

    La Villa, Pizzas and salads, 718-499-9888

    Long Tan, Thai, 718-622-8444

    Nana, Pan Asian, 718-230-3749

    Press 195, paninis and salads, 718-857-1950

    Olive Vine, Middle Eastern, 718-622-2626

    These are not by any means the best restaurants in the Slope, but they do have consistent, decent delivery options. You can see their menus if you go to and choose Park Slope, under Brooklyn when given the 'hood options. That will make it easier.

    Congrats on becoming a grandma!

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    1. re: adamandeve

      Beware of deliveries from Los Pollitos II. We keep trying, because we like the resto, but we keep getting disappointed by the delivery service. Inevitably, at least one item is missing. And they can be VERY slow...45 mins and up. Not recommended.

    2. Thanks Adamandeve! Exactly what I are terrific.! Karen

      1. Congrats to you and your daughter. Also check out All the places on there deliver.

        1. I like "Kinara" for delivery, it is an indian restaurant, they have a great delivery deal for $11.95 you get an appetizer and an entree with rice and naan bread.
          I also like "Song" for thai.
          Those are my 2 cents.
          Great gift idea since they will be too busy with the baby to cook!!

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          1. re: calleunion

            Kinara's food is indeed superior, but I had an absolutely stupid experience the only time ordering delivery. They took an hour to go four blocks, delivered the wrong food, and when I called to complain, sent the guy to recover the food and refund my money, then 30 minutes later sent the same guy back with the right order.

            1) I hate to think of the poor sap who got my order after I'd put my greasy paws on it.

            2) Why not just send one guy to bring the new food and retieve the wrong one.

            3) Better yet, don't retrieve it at all.

          2. Second Helpings on 9th street does delivery for new parents. Their food is healthy, organic and very tasty.

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            1. re: bklynfoodlover

              I respectfully disagree about Second Helping. My mother bought us a meal from there after our twins were born, and it was awful! But I agree with some of the other postings above. Coco Roco is also good for roasted chicken meals. I think Joe's Pizza crust stands up better to delivery than La Villa's crust (which gets a little soggy in transition). Some Asian options (Yamato for Japanese, Sky Thai, and MeKong for Vietnamese) are decent for delivery too.