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Jul 13, 2006 05:59 PM

City Bean Westwood store closed

Upon returning from vacation, much to my dismay, City Bean was closed. Granted the store was a little run down, but I have been getting my coffee and beans there for years. I called the company to find out their status. They said that the closure was out of their hands since they sold that location six years ago, but the company was still roasting coffee for its other locations, wholesale accounts, and mail-order customers. They said bulk coffee was available at The Wine House and at, and their coffee was being served all over town (Sabor Y Cultura, Lemon Moon, Susina, and The Viceroy were some they mentioned). Hate that the store closed, glad to know City Bean is still around.

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  1. This is a guess, an educated one, but only a guess - They were probably hit with a large rent increase as their lease expired. I was talking with the owner of a small village eatery recently where he just absorbed a 150% rent increase, yikes!! He did so with only some modest price increases; much less than East West Saqndwich did with a 25% price increase and a reduction of food content quality. It is obvious that the restaurant market has finally turned around in Westwood Village and you should anticipate more restaurant closings and price increases!

    On a happier note - There are 7 Sushi restaurants, with 2 more applications filed, in Westwood Village. None of which make anyone's "A" list, but it is competitive as Ami recently lowered some prices. They should have been the BEST place around to watch world cup matches during lunch as they have a 12 (?) foot projection screen and confortable booth seating right infront; unfortuately, the manager wasn't there so when I asked if they could turn off the Muzak and turn on the sound to the match, they said they weren't allowed to even though 80% of the eyes were transfixed onto that screen??? Is that how you would've managed Ami?