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Jul 13, 2006 05:55 PM

Limes, limes, limes

I am going to make buckets of limeade for an upcoming event and I'd like to find the cheapest place to get limes - I live in Carroll Gardens but will travel for the right limes. on a related notes, anyone know a local place to get key limes?

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  1. if you've got friends who are members of the co-op, limes were selling yesterday for .13/each. you might also try one of the hispanic markets on 5th ave in sunset park.

    1. Limes at Fairway RedHook, on Sunday when I was there, were 10 for a buck.

      Edit: It's in their current circular, price good until the 14th.

      1. If you're going to Fairway, see if you can hit up Steve's Key Lime Pies a block away. Steve Tarpin, Pier 41 Red Hook (aka 204 Van Dyke St) Brooklyn 888-450-5463
        Or at least get a frozen piesicle there.

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          The official name of the "frozen piesicle" by the way, is the "Swingle".

          Why? I don't know.

        2. Western Beef on Metropolitan Ave. always has them 8 for $1.00 ... they made excellent mojito's last weekend