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Jul 13, 2006 05:50 PM

Anniversary dinner rec in downtown LA?

The wife and I are thinking of spending a couple of nights in downtown LA for our anniversary during a coming weekend. Does anyone have any ideas for "nice" places downtown for an anniversary where you can get dinner for under $50 per person (not including wine)?

I don't need recommendations too far out of downtown, since I live in LA and this is just a little "getaway" in town.

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  1. You could probably get away with 50/person at the Water Grill (no wine or dessert).

    Zucca and Cafe Pinot would also work with your budget.

    Also consider Noe at the Omni, which has a splendid setting overlooking the rest of LA and City Hall.

    Enjoy ...

    1. So many options! Here are just a few, and I'm sure others will also recommend fabulous places. Note, though, that you can get away for under $50 per person, just don't go prixe fixe, but order an entree and still have dessert.

      - Beautiful interior, great service, very memorable menu.

      - Penelope salad is a favorite; desserts are a hit.

      - Really good salmon (and I think, seafood in general). Red meats are good. Love their appetizers, and desserts (Ian, pastry chef, is experimental).

      Noe at the Omni Hotel
      - Superb service and pretty interior. Mimosa salad is signature. Chef is somewhat experimental, but dishes come out well.

      Water Grill
      - Seafood. Enough said. (oh, and Koa Duncan, pastry chef, is quite experimental, too).

      Checkers in the Hilton
      - Quiet, not too many people - but the perfect place for a lovely evening; surprisingly large portions, great salads and sweets. Neighboring bar.

      Happy Anniversary!

      1. try Noe: but try to avoid having dinner there on a Saturday night, as MOCA's Night Visions and the plaza's Grand Performances series will make the place really, really, really noisy...)

        although the wine list is nice, I wouldn't recommend Patina at all

        1. Ditto on the Water Grill rec. It's on the pricey side, but I think you can stay within $100 for 2 (no alcohol, not including tax & tip) eating there. We usually split an appetizer, each get our own entrees, and split a dessert. Anyway, you can check our the menu at and see for yourself if you can order what you want and stay within your budget.

          1. If you do pick Water Grill, & I agree it's worth it, I hope you'll try the delicious chowder. I notice it is $11 at lunch time & $14 at dinner. Maybe lunch would be a way to stay within budget. I don't know whether they are open for lunch on the weekend, though. Have a great anniversary & please report back!