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Jul 13, 2006 05:50 PM

Anniversary dinner rec in downtown LA?

The wife and I are thinking of spending a couple of nights in downtown LA for our anniversary during a coming weekend. Does anyone have any ideas for "nice" places downtown for an anniversary where you can get dinner for under $50 per person (not including wine)?

I don't need recommendations too far out of downtown, since I live in LA and this is just a little "getaway" in town.

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  1. You could probably get away with 50/person at the Water Grill (no wine or dessert).

    Zucca and Cafe Pinot would also work with your budget.

    Also consider Noe at the Omni, which has a splendid setting overlooking the rest of LA and City Hall.

    Enjoy ...

    1. So many options! Here are just a few, and I'm sure others will also recommend fabulous places. Note, though, that you can get away for under $50 per person, just don't go prixe fixe, but order an entree and still have dessert.

      - Beautiful interior, great service, very memorable menu.

      - Penelope salad is a favorite; desserts are a hit.

      - Really good salmon (and I think, seafood in general). Red meats are good. Love their appetizers, and desserts (Ian, pastry chef, is experimental).

      Noe at the Omni Hotel
      - Superb service and pretty interior. Mimosa salad is signature. Chef is somewhat experimental, but dishes come out well.

      Water Grill
      - Seafood. Enough said. (oh, and Koa Duncan, pastry chef, is quite experimental, too).

      Checkers in the Hilton
      - Quiet, not too many people - but the perfect place for a lovely evening; surprisingly large portions, great salads and sweets. Neighboring bar.

      Happy Anniversary!

      1. try Noe: but try to avoid having dinner there on a Saturday night, as MOCA's Night Visions and the plaza's Grand Performances series will make the place really, really, really noisy...)

        although the wine list is nice, I wouldn't recommend Patina at all

        1. Ditto on the Water Grill rec. It's on the pricey side, but I think you can stay within $100 for 2 (no alcohol, not including tax & tip) eating there. We usually split an appetizer, each get our own entrees, and split a dessert. Anyway, you can check our the menu at www.watergrill.com and see for yourself if you can order what you want and stay within your budget.

          1. If you do pick Water Grill, & I agree it's worth it, I hope you'll try the delicious chowder. I notice it is $11 at lunch time & $14 at dinner. Maybe lunch would be a way to stay within budget. I don't know whether they are open for lunch on the weekend, though. Have a great anniversary & please report back!