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Jul 13, 2006 05:35 PM

Sit Down Lunch in the Financial District

Does anyone have suggestions for a reasonably priced (around $20) sit-down lunch for a group of 6 people, 20-23-yrs old? Most of the group doesn't seem to be looking for anything too different - but I doubt you can get that in the Financial District anyway...

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  1. Have you tried Casey's at Front and York? There's also an Armadillo's as I recall.

    On Adelaide there's Burrito Boyz, an okay mexican (next door), and Hal's burgers a few doors down.

    St. Lawrence Market for some Veal Sandwiches at Mustacio's, dining on the picnic tables outside.

    On King, there's a few that might be a little more than $20. Il Fornello, Dhaba, St. Tropez/Marcelle's (a fave of my office).

    Good luck!

    1. How about Springrolls or Izakaya (both on Front)?
      Or you could take advantage of Summerlicious and try somewhere like Biagio, Bymark, or La Maquette (all which have beautiful patios)?

      1. Thanks for the suggestions! The first option my friends had come up with, was Hooters. Thanks very much