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Jul 13, 2006 04:54 PM

Lunch for One in the South Bay

I used to live in the area, but never had a chance to try any of the Japanese markets in Torrance. I'm trying to get away to have a solo day to do as I please!! I do like cooked Japanese food, but can't do sashimi or sushi.

Where should I go for lunch tomorrow if I can duck out of Pizza Napoli? My hubby has other ideas.

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  1. Try Azuma Izakaya on Western in Gardena. I'd get the Beef terriyaki and tempura. Good tasty food. Closes at 2:30 pm for lunch.

    1. Whenever I'm in the Gardena/Torrance area, I like to go the Hawaiian restaurants, like Bruddah's or Bob's Okazu-ya.

      There's also the numerous ramen shops on Redondo Beach Blvd, like Shin Sen Gumi, Tampopo, and Kotohira.

      I've also been meaning to try out By Brazil, that Brazilian BBQ place that got remodeled recently.

      1. Mishima is one of my fav's near Beverly Center - there is one in Old Torrance. Great spicy tuna role, noodles, salads and more. Believe they have a website.

        On a different note, Sammy's Woodfired Pizza is great in Rolling Hills Plaza in Torrance @ PCH & Crenshaw. Excellent salads, good pizza, pasta and many other dishes. Their sticky walnut fudge sundae is amazing to see and eat. Check out their website.

        Bon App!

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          Mishima in Torrance closed some time ago. I've been going through withdrawals of their tofu salad.

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            Too bad about Mishima in Torrance, thanks for the update. There's still one near the Beverly Center and their tofu salad is divine!