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Jul 13, 2006 04:29 PM

Upper East Side ...great Italian food in traditional place? Lusardis, Campagnola, Nicola, Elios or Te Adoro??? HELP please!

Out of town friends want to eat Italian in this area...(I know, I know...) Spigolo is out as they want more of a classic, traditional menu. The food at Elio's is excellent but the place is very noisy and scen-ey. Of the others listed, I have heard good reports but have never been and wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction. Campagnola seems to be VERY (maybe too) expensive....but will consider if reports are great. Do not like Nino's.
I have been to Paola's and like it but am looking to venture into new is the main thing.....we will be eating (very)early so probably can get a table anywhere for tonight or tomorrow... OH..midtown east is also a possibility..... Te Adoro on 57th??? Thanks!

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  1. Campongola is great. Yes it is expensive but that is something u have to expect with the food and service u get. If u want to a great meal def go here

    1. Thanks..can you give me any tips on what to order at Campagnola?

      1. Ive nevere been disappointed with Lusardis. It small and the wait staff is charming. A little lighter on the pocket book than Campagnola.

        1. Yes def get mussels in white wine, veal parm, steak for two any pasta.. Make sure for dessert u get the neoplolian its the best in city. I challenge anyone to tell me diff

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              We dined at Sfoglia about 2 months ago. I actually posted a review here. We were quite impressed with the food.

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                I would really like to try Sfoglia, but not with these people. They want the real traditional type place..I think Sfoglia menu would be too out there for them..give you an idea of who we are dealing with but never mind..... But I will do Sfoglia on my own asap, as it sounds interesting. How would you compare to Spigolo, if you have been there..atmosphere and, most important, food??? Thanks!