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Jul 13, 2006 04:22 PM

Birthday dinner in Dupont Circle

I'm taking my husband to DC in a few weeks for a birthday weekend and am looking for a quiet, romantic place for dinner on Saturday night. We're staying in Dupont Circle. Any suggestions? He's turning 30 so I wouldn't mind spoiling him a little...


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  1. I just took my boyfriend to Obelisk for his birthday and we had a great meal.

    1. Agree on Obelisk. Otherwise Komi.

      1. My wife has taken me to wonderful birthday dinners at Obelisk. Agree with Komi as another excellent choice.

        1. Nora's is also a good option and it's all organic, too!

          1. With respect, Nora is decidedly not a good option. It once was, years ago, and the room is still very nice (and the intentions very laudable). But the food is really quite ordinary, at best. Komi would be my choice, and Obelisk is a fine second option.