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Adventures in Chow - Summerlicious at The Strip House

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Had a disagreeable dinner at Strip House as part of the Summerlicious menu. The place was packed, with Summerlicious seatings taking place at 8.30pm (there was an early sitting too, around 6pm). We were seated at a two-top by the window, but were a little disappointed to see another two right beside us...about 4 inches between tables. It really did appear that they had squeezed extra tables in to handle summerlicious, but I don't know that for sure as this was our first visit. Luckily, we had two couples turn down that table during the night, and only had to bump elbows half way through our entree.

I started with the Baked Lobster and Crab soup, which came with a sweet flaky pastry top which was tasty but difficult to demolish without aid of a knife. The soup was a sweet, thin broth that tasted strongly of crab and tomato. There were no lobster or crab pieces, so this was a strictly stock based soup. Disappointing, but (as is my motto of summerlicious) to be expected. Hubbie had Bacon Wrapped Roasted Divers Scallop with Chipotle Remoulade, which I avoided due to the "scallop" title of the dish...with summerlicious I truly expect to receive "a scallop", but the dish came with four or five flavourful large scallops...a tasty, old-school comfort food.

My main was boring, as I had the new york strip rare. Steak came medium (I really couldn't be bothered to send it back!), and was a really good size (10 oz I believe) and yukon gold smashed potatoes. Boring, boring, boring. Funny thing was, I really wanted a good steak meal, hence us going, but I was really underwhelmed by the flavour and texture.

Hubbie had Slow Roasted Alberta “High River” Region Certified Angus Prime Rib of Beef, which was cut very thick, a perfect medium rare. Tasty, with nice amount of fat. Rosemary duck-fat roasted potatoes lacked flavour, but the fresh grated horseradish made up for that. He claimed it was a good meal.

We both selected the Belgian chocolate spring roll for dessert, which came in a sweet spring-roll style wrapper. Presentation was a little haphazard, with a squirt of canned cream on the side, about the size of a quarter. Cutting in was difficult. The spring roll was filled with a chocolate style custard (which tasted and looked like chocolate Jello pudding) and tasted faintly of chocolate. Unimpressive. We both gave up about half way in, which for me is really unusual. It had to be pretty bad for me to leave dessert on a plate.

Coffee came cold, tea came hot.

Service spotty but ethusiastic, as they looked really understaffed.

Bill with a house bottle of wine came to $130...I'm going to the Keg next time.

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  1. my mom had one of those $100 or $200 certificates from work for the strip house and so we made reservations on a Fri or Sat for four of us. conclusions: never again!

    what should have been one of the busiest nights of the week, we were one of maybe 6 tables dining that evening. bad sign. the food was simply not good (improperly cooked steak, old double fried duck fat potatoes, thin soup mentioned above, parchment mushrooms with emphasis on mush) and service was friendly but difficult to come by (even though the place was practically empty).

    even if it was on someone else's dime, never again.