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Jul 13, 2006 03:42 PM

Komo (?) sushi in Silverlake

I apologize for not being able to remember the name of the sushi place I went to last night, but I believe it is Komo, and I know it is in the old Cirxa space.

The atmosphere is quite nice - slate gray walls, muted Japanese design, very relaxing. But the acoustics are terrible. The sushi chefs (last night they were both Japanese-American) are overly loud and every time someone orders something, they practically scream, "HIIIIII!" and overdo the "Assooooos" (pronounced ah-so). It's as if they're acting. We could barely have a conversation with all the yelling going on.

We sat at the sushi bar and was surprised to see that they actually display fake crab in their sushi display case. Blocks of fake crab, wrapped in The albacore looked a day old at least, and they had little besides salmon, tuna and hamachi. Their menu boasts a wide variety of fish: aji, tai, gigantic scallops. I ordered the aji. "We're out of that, sorry!" I asked for some tai. "Ooh, sorry, we're out of that too!" So finally I asked for scallops. "Oh no! We don't have that either!" It was 7:30 p.m. on a Wednesday and they ran out? Clearly they do not buy fish every day, or only buy those items on select days. My tuna tasted fishy, and the salmon almost seemed like smoked salmon. My friend's albacore was mediocre, and I found a worm in my edamame (at least it was fresh!).

The only saving grace was the hamachi, which was rich and flavorful. But it's not enough for me to go back. Too loud, the service was below standard (we had to ask our waitress three times for drinks and got our first piece of sushi before getting even water), and the food is questionable. But, that won't stop Silverlakers from flocking to this new place, as it was packed full of "regulars" already (place has been open for less than two months). Price-wise, it's not cheap, but not overly expensive either. But no matter what, the food they serve is not worth the price.

I'll stick to Z's in Alhambra.


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  1. It's called Koda. That's too bad, as I was hoping to try it soon. But I'm not really surprised, given the mango sushi on the menu and the fact that it's the same owner as Cirxa.

    1. Ugh, that place is TERRIBLE! The food's mediocre at best, which-- given how even some of the much-lauded "Japanese" places in LA are-- isn't such a terrible thing, but the service makes it rank high in the places not to tip well.

      Our server didn't bother to explain the specials, didn't write our orders correctly or sometimes at all, forgot to get our drinks several times over, only once offered to refill our water glasses, etc. It took forever to get even the least labor-intensive of foods. I had to ask for ponzu couple times for some whitefish, and she didn't even give me any. Maybe she couldn't hear me, but I think I was just ignored.

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        I couldn't agree more. This place is MUST miss. They didn't have most of the things offered on the menu and sometimes the wait staff, having no idea what most of the Japanese foods were, didn't tell you until 20 minutes later. Awful, awful service. You ask for one thing, you get another. The sushi was limp.

      2. I agree, mediocre fish and truly awful service. I've been there four times now and each time the servers don't know what's on the menu and it takes foooorver to get any kind of service.