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Jul 13, 2006 03:26 PM

Best Etheopian on Faifax or nearby?

Never had it. Is there anything else I need to know?

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  1. my favorite is rahel.
    you should know, though, that rahel is vegan ethiopian.

    my second choice is meals by genet which is not open for lunch and is closed a couple days a week, so check their schedule.

    imho do not order fish at merkato.

    i'd say what you 'need to know' is that the starch served at all ethiopian restaurants is a room-temperature pancake called injera that is used with which to scoop the food from the plate to your mouth. the injera has a sort of sour dough flavor.

    the injera served at rahel is made of whole grain teff (in my mind this is the best). the injera served at most of the other places has wheat flour mixed in with the teff.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      I've been to Rahel and Messob. I preferred Rahel, but my dining companion liked Messob better. The possible explanation could be that I'm a vegetarian and tend to feel more comfortable at strictly veg places, while he's omni and liked the meat options at Messob. I would return to either place.

      1. re: ceegee

        I also prefer Rahel to all others. I like her injera best, and the Hudade combo is fabulous. Also try the zuccini! She also has yummy cakes and desserts. Frankly, I find Rahel the nicest owner on the street. She is always personable and nice.

        1. re: Diana

          I'm actually going to Rahel tomorrow night...any dessert recs? Also, have you tried any of the "special Ethiopian drinks"?

          1. re: Diana

            Does the injera have a sour flavor to it? I find that some do and at other places don't.

            1. re: sakura58

              the injera at both nyala and merkato have the sour taste. but i really dig it. its like a spongy sourdough pancake. hehe.

              1. re: sakura58

                The teff injera is sourish, butvery good. Rahel has a few dessert choices, usually-all vegan made. The chocolate cake is yummy, but all are great. I also reccomend getting the Besso drink..It's sort of a barley smoothie. It tastes so good and makes you feel great.

                She doesn't sell alcohol, but has no problem with you bringing some bottle of something along. (keep that quiet, who knows what the law would say) corkage fee any time I've brought something

                1. re: sakura58

                  it is SUPPOSED to have the sour flavor.
                  the other places have westernized it for local tastes.

          2. Well, I've never ordered the fish but Merkato is tops for me. My girlfriend and I usually get a meat combinationa and a veggie combination. They are a little inconsistent, but good bang for the buck and delicious!

            1. i've only been to nyala and merkato and merkota was definitely better than nyala.

              not sure why one would not order the fish at merkato, but when i was there, the place was teaming with folks who ordered the fish and they all seemed to be enjoying it.

              1. Meals by Genet is amazing but is a bit pricier and not as stereotypically Ethipoian in atmosphere. My next favorite is Messob (I am not a vegetarian). But I think Meals... is clearly the best on the strip.

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                1. re: oro3030

                  Meals by Genet is by far the best, foodwise, but it's a bistro. I actually prefer Nyala to Messob... the service at Messob has always been terrible for me.

                  1. re: Das Ubergeek

                    I second this. Genet is great, though pricier. The SLOW service at Messob was so inexcusable the last time I won't be back. I know it takes time to prepare these things, but nearly 1 1/2 hours? I am not exaggerating, unfortunately. It wasn't even a busy night.