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Jul 13, 2006 03:20 PM

Steak w/ blueberry sauce?

While recently on my honeymoon in Italy, we went to a ristorante in Florence called Aqua al Due. We had this dish (known as Filetto al Mirtillo) and it was fantastic. Does anyone know how to re-create this dish? I don't even know if it's technically Italian as the restaurant was full of Americans and they have an outpost in San Diego. All I know is that it was superb.

It tasted like it had red wine, blueberries (of course), perhaps worcheshire sauce?, something a little spicy, (maybe just black pepper) and was a reduction.

Any ideas? Thanks for input.

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  1. I wish I could help you with this. When we were in Flornce 5 years ago (at the time the San Diego one did not exist), we ate their twice because this dish was so fantastic. We have tried several recipes since then and none of them come close to being as good :-(.

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      OMG, we went there twice in Florence too! I loved this dish. Sorry I can't help either. But FYI, my husband went to the one in San Diego and said it was horrible.

    2. This dish is AMAZING!! I just want to re-touch on this post so that maybe someone can help us recreate this dish! My girlfriend and I were just reminiscing about how good Aqua al Due is and how much we long to go back to the original in Florence!!

      1. I believe it was the PBS show "Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie" that had an episode featuring Jack (John?), aka "Doc" Willoughby making bison tenderloin with a blueberry sauce. You might be able to track it down via PBS or Gourmet magazine websites.

        1. OH MY GOSH....I studied in Florence and went to Aqua al due and everyone raved about this recipe ...however at the time I didn't eat now I've been searching for this receipe. I hope someone finds it as I would love to try it especially since it's summer and I eat blueberries everyday!

          1. I FOUND IT....!!!!!! There are 2 listings via google - here are the links!!! The first one is from the actual restuarant and the 2nd one is someone who tried to re-create it.



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              Wow, I'm 'umbled! I'm just a poor country boy surrounded by wild blueberry barrens and forest, filled this summer w/ chanterelle mushrooms. Last night I fried up a couple of NY strip steaks au povre, fried the chanterelles briefly, deglased the pan w/ red wine and a couple of handfulls of hand picked blueberries and let it reduce. Sauced the steaks and topped w/ chanterelles. Good enough.

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                Mm, after reading the Aqua al Due recipe with ketchup, molasses, dijon mustard and orange juice in addition to blueberries, I'd rather go with your version, FWIW...The blogger link upthread also has a better version than the supposed restaurant recipe link option.

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                Thanks for the link. I think I've got everything so I can make this tonight or tomorrow night.