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Jul 13, 2006 02:25 PM

Good lunch near 20th and Arch?

Working uptown now in the 20s near Arch.. any good lunch recommendations? I've been going to pete's everyday for 2 weeks and can use some good, inexpensive alternatives.. please help! thanks..


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  1. Mama's is a few blocks south and has falafel, eggplant and some other stuff. Not the biggest menu but it is good. I'm definitely no vegetarian but this place does it for me. They have a site too.
    PS. If you like hot stuff ask for your falafel with some hot sauce. I always ask that they put an extra squirt of tahina in the middle and bottom too.

    1. Erewan, Thai, at 23rd & Sansom has lunch specials.

      1. The Bride has been waxing poetic about the mythical Falafel Truck at 20th and Market, with a different sandwich every day, your only choice is "sandwich" or "platter", all kinds of interesting marinated and roasted vegetables which vary day by day.

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          Actually, you have your choice of sandwich or platter, vegetarian or with chicken. Thank you.

        2. Try Roosevelt's at 23rd and Walnut. Very good burgers.

          Mama's Vegetarian is good as mentioned above. It's usually crowded around lunchtime. It's good and a small place. $5 for a falafel sandwich. Great deal.