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Jul 13, 2006 02:23 PM

Ashmont Grill service question

I ate at the Ashmont Grill two nights ago for the first time. Fig and prosciutoo app, Flatiron Steak and Cruste Cod for mains.Fries as a side. Meals were good, maybe a touch small and a touch pricey for what they were but not a big deal. Service, friendly, efficient. My gripe is this. Is it too much to expect new silverware when you've finished your appetizer or salad and the mains arrive? It kills me when the initial set up is 2 Forks 1 knife, you use the salad fork and knife for the app, the main arrives, and the used knife goes right back on the table. This might fly at a diner, but when you're charging between $15-$22 for a main, I don't think clean silverware is allot to ask.

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  1. Did you ask and they said "no" or you're saying that you shouldn't have to ask?

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    1. re: missykins

      I'm saying that I shouldn't have to ask at this type of venue.

    2. I don't find that most places replace the knife, but I don't tend to eat in a lot of upscale places either.

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        Our runner (we had at least 4 servers stop by the table at different times, but this was the eager younger guy) last night at Rendez-vous *really* wanted to replace my first fork and knife and was visibly sad I wouldn't let him take my side plate. I wanted to hold onto a morsel of cheese I hadn't finished with the bread, but you could tell he wanted to whisk the whole thing away.

        Personally I think two forks and two knives are unnecessary, but if you request a new knife with your entree, you should get it without another word.