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Jul 13, 2006 02:02 PM

wd-50 lately?

i haven't been to wd-50 in about 6 months. since eating at Moto in chicago and having 24 fantastic and inventive courses, i've been wanting to go back to wd-50 and see how the food there stacks up.

my question is - how often does the tasting menu change? i'd probably go to Gilt instead if it was going to be the same that i had 6 mos ago.

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  1. I go to WD-50 three or four times a year, and when ordering the tasting I point that out and tell them I'm keen to try new/different dishes rather than Wylie's signature items. Usually works. Last tasting I had there, a few weeks back, only repeated one dish I'd had before.

    1. I dined at Gilt 2 months ago. There are much better choices for dining.