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Jul 13, 2006 02:01 PM

Back to "XXX" board

I posted this previously on the Feedback board and got no notice. So I thought I would try it again.

You site designers or what ever have been great at responding to complaints and changing things. I really never thought that map would go away, for instance. So I hate to add another little quibble,but-
If I start at Hot Posts, pick a board from the drop down menu, then select a thread to read, at the bottom it says "Back to XXX board." Which is exactly what it does. It takes me to the board, not to the board's hot posts, from whence I came. I hope that makes sense.
Also, as others have said, I wish I could re-arrange the Hot Posts drop down menu to put the boards I want to look at on top, or even just together.
Thanks. Ooops! Am I allowed to say that?

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  1. I never use the "Back to XXX Board" button. Instead, I use the Back button on my browser toolbar.

    1. Right click and select "Open Link in New Window"
      Close window.
      You're exactly where you started.