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Jul 13, 2006 01:39 PM

Good lunch spots near Roxbury Crossing T stop? (Orange Line)

Hi folks, will be in the area for lunch today, and am wondering if there are any good spots to eat. I'm open to all cuisine types, but would prefer to keep prices reasonable.

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  1. You're not far from Brigham Circle (intersection of Tremont and Huntington), so the Mission Bar and Grill is a good option near there. They have excellent burgers as well as decent comfort food and pub grub.

    From the T stop, head up Tremont toward Huntington. The restaurant is in the heart of Brigham Circle on your left.

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      Also Penguin Pizza across from the Mission on Hunt. Ave, Flann's on Tremont and Solstice (or whatever they're calling themselves), and Squealing Pig around the corner by Wigglesworth. There's a pizza/bbq place right by on Tremont just up from Roxbury Crossing but don't know how it is. Also a new cafe in the T stop that's kind of pleasant. They had a decent muffin, haven't had any other food there.

      1. If you don't mind walking one or two blocks further, you could also consider the Haley House Cafe, which is in the opposite direction. They have excellent soups, sandwiches, and baked goods at reasonable prices.

        From the T station, head down Malcom X to Dudley Square, then take a left on Washington; the cafe is a block or two further, on your left (it's off the street with a parking lot between it and the sidewalk).

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          so -- a brief follow up. friend and i went to haley house, and were totally anticipating our large plates of socially conscious soul food. the place looked so great, and the people there were wonderful! however, we were sorely disappointed with the food. i got jerk chicken, collards, and mashed sweet potatoes, friend got mac'n'cheese, collards & sweets. the only thing tasty was the sweet potatoes, tho they were almost room temp (not necessarily a problem). mac'n'cheese was seeping oil, as was the chicken, and both were low on flavor. i'm not grease-phobic in the slightest but this was not appealing. and the collards, on my top 10 list of favorite foods generally, were strangely sour and liquor-lessly dry. :(

          should i give this place another try? did we order wrong??

        2. I didn't realize they serve full southern style lunches. Did you get any baked goods?

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            yes, forgot to mention, the plates came with slices of cornbread (which were griddled or pan-fried).