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Jul 13, 2006 01:38 PM

my top three square pizza slices -- any others i should try?

(1) de marco's
(2) l&b spumoni
(3) difara

i'm pretty sure demarco's has the best square slice on the planet. crisp bottom, tangy sweet sauce, perfect blend of cheese, and so light to bite down on! i tried difara's square last night, hoping it would be even better, but the texture was a bit heavier, cheese a little too strong.

i've tried the squares elsewhere in the city (not so much in brooklyn, yet) but so far nothing else deserves to be on this list. any suggestions???

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  1. I'd change the order to DiFara's, DeMarco's (a good but pale imitation of the father) and footnote L&B with the caveat only if you like tomato pies. I'd add Adriennes (Wall Street sister of Nick's) square grandma old fashioned to the list and if you are a fan of L&B then the pizza truck at various locations.

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    1. re: guttergourmet

      If L&B is anything like the premade, rock hard "dough" they use in the pizza trucks, I won't be going any time soon.

      1. re: dkstar1

        L&B much better (and fresher) than the pizza trucks again if you like tomato pies. Add Vinny Vincenz on 1st avenue and 13th the the square slice pantheon.

    2. my fav in the city is vinny vincenz on 1st ave right below 14th. i usually get the plain or with arugula or basil only. the crust is crispy and the sauce is slightly sweet. plus, they have dollar glasses of beer while you wait.

      i found this while googling for the name:

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      1. The square slices at Famous Ben's on Thompson and Spring are excellent. I wish I could say as much for their round slices.

        1. Anyone tried Krunch up on Second Ave. yet?

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          1. re: sushiman

            Been there twice for lunch. Had most of their slices and they are pretty good if not slightly expensive. The White slice has been my fav so far.

            If this post is sicilian slices than Frank's on 23rd between park and lex is my #1.