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Jul 13, 2006 01:30 PM

Last Hurrah

Having my Bachlor party in Baltimore this August. Was interested in a crab / seafood spot for the guys to eat after the O's / Yankees game. Thanks!

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  1. Forget the game, head over to the baltimore block and hang out at the Oasis. They have great meat there.

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    1. re: Chownut

      Dunno...a friend of mine said he got crabs at the Oasis and wasn't too pleased...

      1. re: Lowbar

        Too bad the crabs there don't have old bay. Lesson learned, don't bury your face into areas where you can get pinched by crabs. I prefer to eat in clean places only.

    2. For crabs, I would go to Kellys in Fells Point, for just seafood definately Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton:

      1. Bo get a pretty good range of other basic seafood stuff on the menu (even for the one of your friends who is bound to not like seafood for some reason), and they've never seemed to mind me rolling in there with a less than civilized crew post-game.

        On the other hand...if you're there to cheer for the Yankees, I would recommend trying to get the freshest crabs in town by catching your own...stuff a few bricks inside your yankees jersey and jump into the harbor...enjoy the feast! Double your pleasure and go before the game too! (just kidding of course)