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Jul 13, 2006 01:20 PM

Ethical eating in the Twin Cities

These articles appeared today in the Taste section of the Star Tribune. Both are written by Jeremy Iggers (on top of being a food critic has now been writing columns on ethics) and both are excellent in giving the reader some very good information to think about with regards to making good food choices. The listing of restaurants that make ethical dining more feasible is very nice, and kind of a 'who's who' of premier dining spots.

Not So Simple Choices

The Three Big Issues

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  1. Ooop, wanted to post this link as well

    Agendas For Eating Out

    1. Thank you, Kate for posting this. Dara had a not unrelated story in her column about a month ago about how "Can frugal carnivores eat locally, humanely, and well?". Here's the link to that:

      In your "Agendas for Eating Out" link, Jeremy lists some restaurants he recommends. Two questions:

      1) how many on this list are "chowish" in the sense that the food is delicious and

      2) Aside from restaurants, which merchants fit the "eat local, eat sustainable, eat organic" concept? Are there bakeries or markets or grocers or dairy you Twin Cities 'hounds prefer?

      For my input:
      RE: question #1, I see Lucia and Heartland (and Cue, which is Lenny's new restaurant) on the list, both of which are favorites on this board. Are others on this list know for their deliciousness?

      RE: question #2: The St. Paul farmers market require that the merchants come from within a 75 mile radius, so they are at least local. Not all are "organic" or necessarily sustainable though.


      1. Thanks for the link, Dairy Queen, I'll take a look at it. And I will try to answer your questions:

        #1- I would say that nearly all the restaurants listed are well known in the Cities for delicious food. Restaurant Alma regularly tops both Critics and Readers polls for Best Restaurant; Bayport Cookery is an excellent destination restaurant; Sapor, jP Bistro, Levain, WA Frost, The Dakota, Craftsman, Birchwood and Auriga are all top quality. There is not one restaurant on that list that would disappoint.

        #2- Lucia has been in the forefront of the local and sustainable fare since opening 20-some years ago. Cafe Brenda and Spoonriver are also up there as well, and Brenda Langton was instrumental in getting a Farmers Market set up on the riverfront right near where she opened Spoonriver. Many of the restaurants listed in 'Agendas' have been known for their support of local agriculture. As for bakeries and markets etc. I think that everyone will have their favs- some of mine are New French Bakery in Mpls, St. Agnes Bakery in Mpls, Fresh & Natural Foods in Shoreview (all organic produce) and the Co-Ops all over the Cities, my fav being Mississippi Market in St. Paul. And there are tiny little 'outlet' Farmers Markets all over the Cities, just about every day somewhere you can find a set up; church and community center parking lots, and along the Mall in downtown Mpls.

        And about the St. Paul Farmers Market, I agree. It's good that they focus on local farms, but no, they are not all organic although I have seen an increase in the number of organic farmers there over the years.

        1. Mississippi is a favorite of mine, too, if I can't get to the St. Paul farmers market.


          1. #1 - Alma - ate there last night for the 3rd time and it is so so so so excellent!