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Jul 13, 2006 12:43 PM

Recs for best Restaurant Week menus (lunch and dinner!)

I've decided that I'm going to take full advantage of RW this year and want to hit up as many places as possible (in a combination of both lunch and dinner menus). However, I've been burned before with much skimpier portions and hurried service during RW and don't want to go through all of that again.

So I guess my criteria is this:

1) Don't want a place that 'looks down on you' if you order from the RW menu.
2) The menu should have a decently varied selection which represents the main menu well and doesn't skimp on portion size TOO much.
3) Should have at least 1 vegetarian option.

Type and style of food is pretty irrelevant. We'll eat anything!


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  1. I have found that any of Danny Meyer's places are good for restaurant week. They offer a good selection for each course and RW diners are not treated as second-class patrons.

    Bonus -- they often give you a gift certificate at the end of the meal, worth whatever the meal cost, to be used by the end of summer.

    1. Duane Park Cafe is always terrific- I really enjoy their farfalle with shrimp dish. The Nougatine Room at Jean Georges is also great, and it comes with Grade A service.

      1. i've had lunch at atlantic grill, and it was quite filling and excellent. the tuna tartare was very good, and the crispy oysters were great. the desserts were also very large and yum!

        dinner at august was my favorite. it's focused on greek/mediterranean, and the white gazpacho, the guinea hen, the fish souvlaki and the greek yogurt panacotta were my favorites.

        both places had large portions.

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          Where is August? I've been looking for good Greek.



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            August is in GV, on Bleeker St. I've never been but looking at the menu on their website, it doesn't strike me as being particularly Greek -- more like Pan-European.


            If it's excellent Greek you're after, I recommend Ethos, on 3rd Av., b/t 33rd & 34th Sts. All the mezzes, hot and cold, are excellent; there are tasty lamb dishes, including moussaka, that are cooked and served in clay pots; and the kitchen does a fine job grilling whole fresh fish, which you can choose from the varieties on ice. Service is efficient, the taverna-style setting is very pleasant, and prices are moderate.

            1. re: RGR

              i second ETHOS. we've been going ever since my fav, GUS' PLACE in the village closed thanks to rgr's tip. the food is super and the value is good.

        2. Thanks for the great suggestions - had forgotten that I've been meaning to visit Nougatine!

          1. My boyfriend and I had RW lunch at DavidBurke and Donatella. I thought that the service was excellent and everybody seemed to be ordering from the RW menu. I started with an asparagus and goat cheese dish which was not a skimpy version. Boyfriend had the softshell crab which he liked a lot. We both had the duck entree which was cold and a little tasteless, but okay. Finished off with an apple tart with ice cream and my boyfriend had the creme brulee. Nothing we ate was memorable, but it was a very pleasant experience and as they have extended the RW menu until Labour Day, will go back.

            I liked the fact that glasses of wine were offered at $7.

            We also had RW dinner at One if by Land, Two if by Sea. The restaurant was packed and we were rushed through. Again, nothing memorable, but it's a beautiful restaurant and may go back again.

            Sorry - don't remember if there were vegetarian options. DB & D definitely had fish.